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About the Owner

I stumbled upon this hobby accidentally and it has been rewarding beyond measure. I'm thankful to learn about reefs in general and have also taken up photography as a result. I want to thank all my friends that I've had the privilege to meet over the years and the support of SCMAS (Southern California Marine Aquarium Society) over the years. Living in Southern California is truly a blessing for someone who loves this hobby.

I'm a huge advocate of coral farming. With all the current technology this hobby has developed, there is tremendous ability for anyone to grow these unique animals which are dying everyday in our natural ocean. I believe if enough people take part to learn about these animals and how they live and thrive, these creatures can be saved whether it's in captivity or in their natural habitat.

Leo C.
Irvine, CA


Tank Volume 150 Gallons
Tank Dimensions 59" x 24" x 24"
Glass or Acrylic Glass
Sump Volume 30 Gallons
Stand Type or Material 4' tall custom-built solid maple


Main Return Pump Waterway Iron Might Circulation Pump
Water Return Type External pump
Additional Pumps Tunze Turbelle Stream 6080
Wavemaking Devices N/A


Temperature Controls Heating and cooling controlled by the Chiller
Fans One canopy fan
Heater Internal heater inside the chiller
Chiller SeaChill TR-20 1/3 HP


Protein Skimmer Warner Marine AS200
Ozonizer None
Carbon Virgin Bituminous Activated Carbon
Biological Filter None
Refugium None
Live Rock in Display 100lbs Marshall island
Live Rock in Sump None
Sand/Substrate 1", 3-4mm grade

Metal Halide BUlbs 2x250W Radiums, 1x250W XM 20,000K, all on SLS HQI ballasts
Fluorescent Bulbs 2x95W Super Actinic VHOs, 2x54W T5 ATI Blue Plus
Reflectors 2 x SLS Reef Optix 1, 1 x SLS Reef Optix 3
Lighting Controller Dual channel industrial in wall timer
  • Fluorescents: 12pm - 10:30pm
  • Metal Halide: 20,000K XM - 4pm - 8pm
  • Metal Halide: 2x Radiums - 5pm - 9pm
System Parameters

Temperature 78ºF - 80ºF
Specific Gravity 1026
pH 8.2 - 8.4
Alkalinity 7.5
Calcium 420
Mg 1400
Test Kit Brand
Nitrate 1
Phosphate 0.03
Resins or Devices Used to Control Nitrate/Phosphate VSV (vodka,sugar,vinegar) + GFO
Calcium Reactor None; Randy's 2-part

Maintenance Schedule

Water changes 15 Gallons; once a month
Bulb Replacements Metal Halide & Fluorescents every 18 months
Water Tests
  • Alkalinity: Once per week
  • Everything else: Once per month
Resin Replacements Quarterly
Salt D&D H2Ocean Magnesium Pro


Fish New Life International Spectrum Small Fish Formula once per day on Eheim Auto feeder
Corals None

Additional Notes

  • Problems Overcome With System: Red turf Algae - I overcome this problem with a couple of black long spine urchins, which chewed through all my live rock and stripped it bare in order for coraline algae to colonize. I'm happy to say I've been algae free for over a year.
  • Things You Like Best About System: I love it's simplicity, other than the standard equipment such as skimmer, circulation pumps, 2 part supplements dosed by a Profilux 4 channel doser, there's really no high tech gadgets to run this tank. Each critical components is simple and effectively reliable.
  • Anything Special Unique About System:
    • The tank sits in the center of the house, straddled by a load baring wall as the divider between the entry way, kitchen, living room. It is always the focal point of any gathering event small or large.
    • I'm often complimented on the health and activity of the fish, but also the aquascaping I've laid out since the tank's inception 5 years ago.
  • Overall Positives: Simple, custom fit location, open aquascaping, thriving inhabitants.
  • Overall Negatives:
    • The Large overflow is a distraction, when I replace the tank I will redesign the overflow to be more hidden.
    • Add more wave making flow.


  • 1 x Lemark Angel
  • 1 x Purple Tang
  • 1 x Blue Tang
  • 1 x Black Tang
  • 1 x Clown Tang
  • 1 x White Stripe Maroon
  • 10 x Bartlette's Anthias
  • 1 x Niger Trigger
  • 1 x Blue Chromis
  • 1 x Black Cap Basselette
  • 5 x Lyretail Anthias
  • 2 x Bellus Male/Female (pair)
  • 3 x Inigtus Anthias
  • 1 x Humuhumunukunukiapua'a Trigger

Stony Corals

  • Green Microthalma
  • Oregon Tortuosa
  • Greg Carroll Acroberry
  • Purple Tip Loisetta staghorn
  • Tyree True Undata
  • Greg Carroll Unknown Green/Blue Stag
  • Sunset Monti
  • Tyree Idaho Grape Monti Cap
  • Unknown Purple Rim Efflo
  • Blue Tip Green Slimmer
  • Tyree 30k Lokani
  • Tyree Pink Limonaide
  • Tyree Soli
  • Forest Fire Digitata
  • Tyree Mystic Sunset
  • Monti Setosa
  • Leng Sy Monti Cap
  • ORA Pearlberry
  • Purple tip Granulosa
  • Green/Purple Granulosa
  • Superman Monti
  • Tyree Purple Monster
  • Tong's Sapphire Millie
  • Sunset Millie
  • Pink Jade
  • Blue Valentine - Tip Tri Color Nana
  • ORA Red Planet
  • Green/Pink Tip Birdsnest (rare)
  • Unknown Purple Acro
  • Green Caroliana Acro
  • Ultimate's Rainbow Acro
  • ATL Grape Juice Acro
  • Appleberry Monti
  • 2 Unknown SPS Competition (Neon Green Hairy Table, Purple Stag)
  • ORA Blue Voodoo
  • ORA Miami Orchid
  • GARF Bonsai
  • Cali Tort
  • Willie Millie
  • Crayola Plana
  • Lime in the Sky
  • Tyree LE Strawberry Fields Monti Cap
  • Blue Slimmer
  • Blue Tip/Pink Millie
  • Rainbow Monti
  • Green Slimmer
  • Ultimate Stag
  • 500 Dollar Efflo
  • Blue Tip Turaki
  • Bubblegum Millie
  • ATL Surf n Turf Stag
  • Ultimate's Rainbow Millie
  • ORA Purple Plasma
  • Tyree LE Blue Matrix
  • Purple Turaki
  • Blue Tip Simplex
  • A. Hoekesemi
  • ATL Shades of Fall
  • Aus Echinata
  • Unknown Aussie Acro (Purple)
  • Raspberry Cheesecake
  • Flower Petal Monti Cap
  • Xmas Millie/Rouge
  • Bennet Tort
  • ORA Plum Crazy
  • Greg Carroll Ultimate Efflo
  • Jay's Efflo
  • Jay's Unknown Pink Tip Deepwater
  • Tyree LE Rouge Millie
  • Blueberry Fields
  • Tyree Royal Plum
  • Unknown Green/Purple Aussie Acro

Soft Corals

  • Tri Color Florida Ricordias
  • Tyree LE Neon Green Toadstool


  • One Giant Zebra Turbo Snail

Noteworthy Specimen

  • Sapphire Millie
  • Tyree LE Ice Fire Echinata