Getting a VorTech pump was a no-brainer for me.

Their reputation is incomparable and undeniable. They are a must-have for any serious reef tank enthusiast.

EcoTech Marine VorTech pumps are the industry's best for many reasons. My favorite feature is their many adjustable flow rates. They have a bunch of cool modes like nutrient transport, reef-crest, lagoonal random, tidal swell, constant and night mode.

With the motor positioned outside of the tank, no electrical components ever touch the water which makes for a much safer environment. It also makes cleaning a breeze. This low-profile powerhead was a necessity for me after learning about all of the wonderful benefits.

I was very impressed by the packaging and was beyond excited to take it out and install it in my new Innovative Marine Nuvo 38 Gallon Aquarium. There is a controller for all of the custom modes, so there are some extra wires to organize. Still, installation was very simple.

The MP10 looks great on the side of my tankā€”it looks as if it is part of the tank rather than an extension to it. I placed the powerhead on the right side of my tank 3/4 of the way up from the bottom in the middle of the side wall. This allows for the best water flow over the corals and on the top of the water for better oxygen distribution.

The controller simplifies programming so I can adjust the powerhead to the exact flow that my tank needs. To select a mode, simply turn the knob on the controller. Different colored lights are illuminated on the front of the controller to represent each mode.

I am currently using the pink-colored mode, which EcoTech refers to as EcoSmart Nutrient Transport Mode. It is a two-phase program with a surging motion and a wave motion. It claims to stir up detritus into the overflow and promote the growth of corals, such as SPS.

I have been able to adjust the power of the powerhead to fit my setup by turning the knob on the controller. There are three important buttons above the knob which set each preexisting mode: set night mode, set feed mode, power the pump off and on, etc.

I have the MP10 wireless unit so I was able to connect my VorTech powerhead to my EcoTech Radion G2 LED Light. I now have my powerhead programmed to go into night mode once my lights turn off and return to normal only when my lights turn back on.

This is the best powerhead I have ever used. I don't see myself ever owning another tank without a VorTech pumping the water! I don't have a single complaint about the product. Sure, it's a bit expensive... but after you own one you'll understand: the VorTech MP10 is worth every penny.

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