We are going to tell you how to calibrate and properly care for your aquarium refractometer.

Refractometers are a saltwater aquarium owner's best friend because they provide accurate salinity readings quickly and easily. Refractometer calibration and maintenance is simple and they last a lifetime if properly taken care of.

In order to calibrate your refractometer, you will need a small amount of pure RO/DI water with a zero total dissolved solids reading. You will then place one or two drops of water onto the refractometer prism. Next, look through the viewfinder while holding the unit up to a substantial source of light.

Use the manual focus to clearly see the numbers on the scale inside the refractometer viewfinder. Turn the calibration dial or screw to move the blue line to ZERO. You have now successfully calibrated your refractometer and it is ready for use. Calibration should be checked intermittently to ensure accuracy.

To properly store your refractometer, find a safe place that is free of moisture. Be sure to wipe the prism clean with fresh water before and after each use. Dry the unit completely and carefully place back into its storage case. The unit has a fragile prism inside so be careful not to bump or drop the unit as this will cause irreversible damage.

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