ATI is a German company that develops high quality aquarium equipment, from protein skimmers to lighting. Their T5 fixtures and bulbs in particular are generating positive word-of-mouth, especially among reef aquarium hobbyists.

ATI light fixtures are special for a few reasons. An active cooling system helps to keep T5 bulbs within optimal temperature ranges. This results in a 15% performance increase in addition to keeping the onboard electronics cool and protected.

The light reflectors themselves are pretty extraordinary. ATI reflectors are made using the highest quality material on the market today. This reflective material is typically found only in high-tech information technology and consumer electronics products.

TFT, LCD and LED displays in mobile devices, notebook computers, computer monitors and television applications are a few examples of where this unique reflective material can be found. In contrast to run of the mill reflectors found in the aquarium hobby, ATI reports their silver-coated aluminum reflectors increase lighting efficiency over 10%.

The lights and reflectors are also splash-proof, protected by splash-resistant Plexiglass. Since the lights are so well protected, you can safely place them closer to the aquarium water's surface. This simple act boosts ATI lighting efficiency even further—another 15%.

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