How do you prime the filter to get the water to the top of the canister?

Many canister filters will come with a "pump" action primer that allows water to start flowing from the tank down into the canister filter. If your canister filter doesn't have this option there are a few other ways to get this to start.

One way is to fill the canister with water prior to placing it under the tank. Then plug the filter in. If the flow of water doesn't start up, you may pick up the canister filter and turn it slightly on its side (not all the way over, just a little bit). This will allow the water inside the canister to come in contact with the impeller and start the water flowing.

Another way is to use a powerhead (or water pump) to push water down the inlet tube into the canister filter. Once the water starts flowing into the filter (it will start to siphon down) you can plug the filter in and that should get the water flowing for you.

Your best bet is just to contact us directly and tell us what type of filter you're setting up so we can explain precisely what to do.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us (or leave a comment below).

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