What is the best way to get rid o
f hair algae in a reef tank?

There are many ways to battle hair algae. But it really boils down to a couple of factors:

  1. Controlling the "fuel" that is feeding the algae (i.e. dissolved organics, like nitrates and phosphates)
  2. Having a great clean-up crew that grazes upon the algae.

For brevity's sake I won't paste the article here but I highly recommend reading Nuisance Algae by aquarium expert Steven Pro. He details how to win the battle against hair algae in a very matter-of-fact way and there are a few pictures to help guide you. There are many other useful articles you can access for free in our Knowledgebase.

Even subtle changes to your aquarium maintenance routine can make a big difference so hopefully these articles are a springboard to getting this problem in your tank resolved. Remember, the algae will not go away overnight. Be patient, don't overfeed, beef up your clean-up crew and follow the best practices described in the aforementioned articles.

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Till next time.

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