Neptune Systems' slick new aquarium controller, the Apex, has a bevy of cool features that make aquarium upkeep a whole lot easier.

The base unit, available now, includes software capable of monitoring pH, ORP and temperature. The ORP probe input can switch modes to monitor ORP or pH. In fact, the Apex can monitor two different pH sources simultaneously. All probes support digital calibration and data is logged into the internal memory for retrieval for up to one year. The galvanic isolation on the probes contribute to more accurate and reliable readings, all the better for parameter-obsessed reefkeepers.

The unit itself, as you can probably tell from the photograph, is pretty handsome as far as aquarium controllers go. The iPod-styled case has seven buttons designed for the speedy retrieval of information. There are mounting holes on the backside so you can attach it your aquarium stand or a nearby wall.

The large LCD display shows datalog graphs and lets you customize the status displays. For instance, you can choose the placement and name of a probe and assign it its own icon. Menus can be scrolled through manually or automatically and the backlit display can be adjusted, too. Dim the display at night or adjust the contrast for better viewing. Warnings, errors and alarms can be customized so that you'll recognize a particular tone or song depending on the situation.

There is no programming required to setup your equipment. Use the menu-driven interface or a standard web browser to configure your pumps, heater, chiller, CO2 and more. Simulate sunrise and sunset, the moon cycle; there is day of week functionality, sub-minute and second resolution control. Automate your wavemaker and set your pumps to variable speeds and random timed cycles.

There is a lot to love about the AquaController Apex. For more information, please leave us a comment, visit our store or call 1-800-566-FISH (3474).