Due to the amount of questions we receive daily, we thought we would offer some insight on how our livestock is handled at our facility. Upon receipt, our animals are inspected, slowly acclimated to RO/DI water and Tropic Marin synthetic salt mix and then quarantined. After this procedure, if any fish are showing signs of illness or problems, they are relocated to “hospital” tanks for further treatment while the healthy fish are transferred to our main systems. Handling is kept to a minimum with the use of acrylic containers, as opposed to nets, for the majority of the livestock. The fish are kept in several separate systems that rely on UV sterilization, huge skimmers, and a large filtration system incorporating a bank of filter socks. Each system is closely monitored 24 hours a day.

Salinity is kept at around 1.024 and copper is used very lightly depending on the animals in the system. Of course systems with corals and invertebrates are kept at higher salinity and copper is not used. Due to this procedure, you should avoid adding the water your order arrives in to your reef tank and each bag should be acclimated separately using the drip method. This is especially true if you receive corals, invertebrates and fish in one shipment. When acclimating fish and corals ensure not to combine the water from one specimen to another, meaning that fish with fish are okay, but fish with corals or inverts is not. Please see our Acclimation Procedures for more details.