Controllers & Testing Videos

A full library of videos all about aquarium controllers, monitors and water testing. Learn how to use your water test kits, program your aquarium controller, monitor water quality, use your ato system, perform an automatic water change and even remotely monitor your reef tank.
  1. BRStv Product Spotlight - Salifert Alkalinity Test Kit

    Salifert Alkalinity Reef Tank Test Kits: Trusted, Affordable, Reliable For Years & Years

    If you want an affordable and reliable way to measure your reef tank's alkalinity levels, the Salifert dKH test kit has been trusted by hobbyists for decades!
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  2. BRStv Product Spotlight - Salifert Silicate Test Kit

    Not All Silicate in Your Reef Tank Is Bad. Why Test Silicate? How to Use Salifert Silicate Test Kit

    Learn how to use the Salifert Silicate Test Kit and why you might consider testing for Silicate in your reef tank.
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  3. BRStv Product Spotlight - Lifegard Aquatics Big Digital Temp Alert Thermometer

    Lifegard's Thermometer Could Save Your Saltwater Tank From Disaster! Don't Just Guess Your Temp

    Stop temperature-related catastrophes before it's too late using the Lifegard Aquatics Big Digital Temp Alert!
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  4. BRStv Product Spotlight - Hanna Instruments High Range Copper Checker Colorimeter

    Medicating Reef Fish With Copper Now Much Safer & Accurate With Hanna High Range Copper Checker

    Pick up the Hanna Instruments Copper Checker Colorimeter and never question your copper concentrations again!
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  5. BRStv Product Spotlight - Hanna Instruments Nitrate Checker Colorimeter

    Hanna Nitrate Checker: Specialized for Low Range Nitrate Readings. Not Your Average Reef Test Kit!

    Check out the NEW Hanna Instruments Low Range Nitrate Checker Colorimeter for measuring Nitrate levels below 5 ppm.
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  6. BRStv Product Spotlight - AutoAqua Smart Stir Magnetic Stirrer

    The AutoAqua Smart Stir: Improving Reef Tank Test Kit Procedures One Test at a Time!

    Check out the AutoAqua Smart Stir and never shake or manually stir a test vial again!
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  7. Master Cooling Your Tank With a Neptune Systems Apex

    The SMARTEST Way to Cool Your Aquarium Using Your Neptune Apex!

    Learn how to avoid dangerously hot temperatures in your reef tank using a Neptune Systems Apex!
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  8. Master Your Neptune Systems Apex - GFO and Carbon Media Reactors

    Ditch the Dumb Carbon & GFO Reactor. Your Apex Can Make It Smarter! | Neptune Apex Guide

    Learn how to control your GFO and Carbon Media Reactor using a Neptune Systems Apex Controller on your reef tank.
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