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A full library of videos all about aquarium controllers, monitors and water testing. Learn how to use your water test kits, program your aquarium controller, monitor water quality, use your ato system, perform an automatic water change and even remotely monitor your reef tank.
  1. Top 10 Neptune Systems Apex Setup Mistakes

    We've Found Even More Neptune Apex Setup Mistakes We've Made. Apex Controller Lessons We've Learned

    10 more tips to help you be successful with your Neptune Systems Apex!
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  2. Master Monitoring Your Reef Tank With A Neptune Systems Apex

    Saltwater Tank Monitoring: 70+ Things to Look for When **** Hits the Fan! | Neptune Apex Guide

    Randy defines all of the critical alerts and alarms you can program into your Apex in order to avoid disaster. Not only will you learn which alarms to create and how to create them, Randy also provides clear, concise directions for how to logically diagnose and successfully solve the problem.
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  3. Top 20 Trace Elements Mistakes

    Trace elements in your reef tank. Are you doing it right? Top 20 Trace Element mistakes to consider

    Increase growth, color, and vitality by learning how to manage trace elements in your reef tank.
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  4. BRStv Product Spotlight AquaForest Magnesium Test Kit

    BRS's Best Reef Tank Magnesium Test Kit of 2019! Aquaforest Magnesium Test Kit

    AquaForest makes our favorite magnesium test kit because it is easy to use and provides consistent results each and every time.
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  5. Master Your Two Part Dosing With a Neptune Systems Apex

    How to Make 2-Part Dosing Your Reef Tank Smarter, Safer and More Reliable | Neptune Apex Setup Guide

    Randy shows you how to arm your Apex to protect your tank from some of the most common failures associated with two-part dosing.
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  6. Master Your Neptune Systems Apex - A Guide To Powerheads

    How to choose smarter powerheads for your reef tank? Connect them to your Apex! | Neptune Apex Guide

    Stay on top of your powerheads using your Neptune Systems Apex to identify and avoid unexpected powerhead failures.
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  7. BRStv Product Spotlight - Hanna Instruments Alkalinity Checker Colorimeter

    BRS Recommended Alkalinity Test Kit. Fast, reliable and consistent testing. Hanna Alkalinity Checker

    Thomas shows off the small, easy to use device that improved alkalinity monitoring for reef hobbyists worldwide, the Hanna Alkalinity Checker Colorimeter.
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  8. XP Aqua Flood Guardian

    The easy and safer way to avoid flooding your floors from your RODI unit : XP Aqua Flood Guardian

    Stop floods before they happen with the XP Aqua Flood Guardian! In the BRStv Spotlight, Thomas finds out exactly how this simple device from XP Aqua is saving hobbyists from a ton of headaches and one of the most common RO/DI mistakes.
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  9. Master Your Apex Auto Top Off

    Never refill your ATO Reservoir again! How to setup your Auto Top Off System | Neptune Apex Guide

    Learn how to set up the Neptune Systems ATK, automate your ATO reservoir refills, and protect yourself against the most common ATO failures.
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  10. Nyos Nitrate Test Kit

    If your saltwater tank nitrate levels are concerning, test them accurately. | Nyos Nitrate Test Kit

    Thomas shows off a truly better Nitrate test kit from Nyos that you can trust to give you consistent results at home.
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