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Product Reviews & How-To's

Learn how to build a reef tank with the BRStv crew with you every step of the way. This collection of videos includes all of our HOW-TO videos alongside the most valuable product reviews to help you make the right choice for your reef tank.
  1. BRStv Product Spotlight - Long Stem Calibration Thermometer

    Your Aquarium Heater Might Not Be as Accurate as You Think. Calibrate It With Traceable Thermometer

    Stop guessing and start knowing the temperature in your tank is accurate and stable using the Traceable NIST-certified thermometer.
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  2. BRStv Product Spotlight - Fiji Cube Sump Baffle Kits

    DIY Sumps for Saltwater Aquariums: A Whole Lot Easier and Better Looking! Fiji Cube Sump Baffle Kits

    With Fiji Cube DIY Sump Baffle Kits, you can quickly build your very own, highly functional sump using a traditional 20 or 40-gallon glass aquarium.
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  3. A Frag Rack That Looks Like a Rock, Because It Basically Is a Rock. Tunze Magnetic Coral Frag Rock

    A Frag Rack That Looks Like a Rock, Because It Basically Is a Rock. Tunze Magnetic Coral Frag Rock

    Looks like a rock, grows coralline like a rock, it must be a rock! The Tunze Frag Rock is a ceramic frag holder designed to blend right into your aquascape.
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  4. BRStv Product Spotlight - Flipper Float Glass Cleaner

    Your Flipper Magnet Cleaner Now Floats So You Don't Have to Dig in the Tank to Get It Back

    Our best-selling magnetic algae cleaner just got a whole lot better.
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  5. BRStv Product Spotlight All-in-One Drop-In Filtration Kits

    Turn your undrilled saltwater tank into an All-In-One! Fiji Cube AIO Drop-In Kits

    Turn your 10, 20, or 40 gallon aquarium into an all-in-one tank complete with baffled filtration, surface overflow and media chambers! Fiji Cube's Drop-In kits fit perfectly into standard size tanks and provide an affordable platform to customize your tank without the hassle of a sump.

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  6. Master UV Sterilization With Your Neptune Systems Apex

    Is Your UV Sterilizer Just an Expensive Paperweight? Your Neptune Apex Can Change That

    Find out how to make the most of your UV sterilizer using a Neptune Systems Apex Aquarium Controller.
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  7. BRStv Product Spotlight - Seachem Tidal HOB Power Filter

    Can You Put a HOB Filter on a Reef Tank? With the Seachem Tidal HOB Power Filters You Can!

    Check the Seachem Tidal HOB Power Filter - one of the best hang-on filtration options for saltwater reef tanks.
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  8. BRStv Product Spotlight - Abyzz DC Controllable Water Pumps

    A DC Return Pump That Might Outlive Your Reef Tank! Abyzz Pumps DC Controllable Pumps

    If you're in the market for the best DC controllable pump money can buy for a reef tank, the answer is Abyzz.
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  9. BRStv Product Spotlight - Fiji Cube Magnetic Frag Racks

    No More Coral Frags Falling Over! Fiji Cube Magnetic Frag Racks Save the Day!

    Protect those precious frags from wandering snails, urchins, and other inverts with the Fiji Cube Magnetic Frag Racks!
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  10. Master Cooling Your Tank With a Neptune Systems Apex

    The SMARTEST Way to Cool Your Aquarium Using Your Neptune Apex!

    Learn how to avoid dangerously hot temperatures in your reef tank using a Neptune Systems Apex!
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