Cerebra Dissolved Oxygen Probe - Vertex

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Cerebra Dissolved Oxygen Probe - Vertex

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Quick Overview

Dissolved Oxygen (DO) is not the most important parameter in an aquarium to track, but with so many different types of biological additives that rely on oxygen-consuming bacteria, you may be able to avoid a disaster before it happens. Vertex's DO probe will connect directly to your Cerebra controller allowing you to monitor your tanks DO levels in real time.

Recommended DO level for reef tanks is between 4.5ppm - 7ppm


Full Details

Controlling your tanks DO (Dissolved Oxygen) can be done with either air pumps, or powerheads allowing for gas exchange. Needless to say, your fish will consume oxygen when they respirate, but a little less known is when detritus and dissolved organics are breaking down, oxygen will be directly consumed in the biological process which could quickly lead to low available dissolved oxygen in the water. Low levels make it very hard for fish to breathe and could result in suffocation.


Combating low DO is relatively easy with the DO probe and the Vertex Cerebra Controller. By setting a target value, you can have powerheads or air stones at the ready to turn on when levels get too low and turn back off when the Oxygen level settles back.


We highly recommend DO probes on Fish Only and FOWLR tanks.


Dissolved Oxygen Saturation Table

C (F) 0ppt 5ppt 10ppt 15ppt 20ppt 25ppt 30ppt 35ppt
18 (64.4) 9.45 9.17 8.90 8.64 8.38 8.14 7.90 7.66
20 (68.0) 9.08 8.81 8.56 8.31 8.06 7.83 7.60 7.38
22 (71.6) 8.73 8.48 8.23 8.00 7.77 7.54 7.33 7.12
24 (75.2) 8.40 8.16 7.93 7.71 7.49 7.28 7.07 6.87
26 (78.8) 8.09 7.87 7.65 7.44 7.23 7.03 6.83 6.64
28 (82.4) 7.81 7.59 7.38 7.18 6.98 6.79 6.61 6.42
30 (86.0) 7.54 7.33 7.14 6.94 6.75 6.57 6.39 6.22


As an example, a tank with a salinity of 35ppt and a temperature of 78.8 degrees Fahrenheit can have a maximum dissolved oxygen amount of 6.64ppm. A freshwater tank with a salinity of 5ppt at 75.2 degrees can dissolve 8.16ppm of oxygen at 100% saturation. On average dissolved oxygen (DO) rates will be around 70%. We suggest maintaining a DO level between 4.5-7ppm, as stress signs can be seen anywhere below 4ppm and fatalities can start to happen below 3ppm.


Note: Cerebra Controller sold separately



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Product Questions

Do I need calibration solution to calibrate this?
Question by: Brad on Mar 9, 2017 2:21:00 PM
Hey there,
The DO probes come pre-calibrated from the factory and do not require a calibration fluid for use.

Have a great day!
Answer by: Zack (Admin) on Mar 13, 2017 8:47:00 AM