50PX - 590 GPH - Pan World

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50PX - 590 GPH - Pan World

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Quick Overview

Reliable external pump at an economical price. Compact, quiet, and efficient.

  • Max Flow: 590 GPH

  • Max Head: 16.5 Ft

  • ¾ ” Inlet(MPT)/ ¾ ” Outlet(MPT)

  • 90 watts


Full Details

Pan World makes a good quality, low to medium flow, seal-free centrifugal pump engineered for high performance and trouble-free operation. All Pan World pumps feature magnetic drives, seal free bearings and come with a two year parts and labor guarantee.


ATTENTION: Maintain the life of your pump.


99% of all pump failures and broken impellers are caused by foreign objects (snails, sand, gravel, hermit crabs, etc.) entering the pump housing. Pumps damaged by foreign objects are NOT covered under any warranty and are expensive to fix or replace. To prevent damage to your pump, we suggest using a bulkhead strainer on the intake bulkhead to reduce the possibility of a foreign object entering the pump. A variety of strainers from 1/2” to 2” are available at BulkReefSupply.com.

Quick Compare - Pan World

ModelPower UsageMaximum FlowMaximum HeadConnections

Panworld 10PX


180 GPH

6.5 Ft.

MNPT In/Out 1/2”

PanWorld 30PX


258 GPH

10.1 Ft.

MNPT In/Out 3/4”

PanWorld 40PX


480 GPH

13.5 Ft.

MNPT In/Out 3/4”

PanWorld 50PX


590 GPH

16.5 Ft.

MNPT In/Out 3/4”

PanWorld 100PX


790 GPH

21 Ft.

MNPT In/Out 3/4”

PanWorld 50PXX


1110 GPH

13 Ft.

MNPT In/Out 1”

PanWorld 100PXX


1270 GPH

13 Ft.

MNPT In/Out 1”

PanWorld 150PS


1100 GPH

28 Ft.

MNPT In/Out 1”

PanWorld 200PS


1750 GPH

39 Ft.

MNPT In/Out 1”

PanWorld 250PS


1900 GPH

45 Ft.

MNPT In/Out 1”


7 Items

  • Great Pump By Paul on 9/4/2015

    This is my 2nd one, I had one a long time ago and gave it away. Got back into the hobby and went right back for it, that should say something. I have no complaints, quiet, low vibration, efficient, does everything I need it to.
  • Great pump, running 3 reactors By JD on 4/10/2015

    I have this pump running teed off on the discharge side, running to a dual GFO/Carbon reactor, and a biopellet reactor, with 2 discharges running back to the tank. Both valves supplied with the reactors are pinched way back and i still have excellent flow. I have about a 4 1/2 foot return up and its not a problem. I did notice it got even quieter when i set it on the BRS foam noise dampening pad!
  • OMG By Captain on 11/27/2013

    Love this pump! So quite and work so well. Was able to take two of my submersible pumps out of my sump and use this one pump to feed two reactors and return to my tank and still had to dial it down. When I first turned it on didn't know it was running if I didn't see the water moving. Any time I'm back in the market for a pump I know where I'm going first.
  • Well designed pump By Joe on 6/19/2013

    This pump is a little noisy (not a problem for my installation), but seems very efficient in moving water. However, after almost 4 years, the ceramic bearing in the pump seized up. Granted, I never once opened it up to clean, but it did not seem particularly dirty when I did. With some difficulty, I was able to push the ceramic spindle out of the impeller, but this resulted in damage to the rear casing, which I was able to find a replacement for for about $40 from Custom Aquatics (and others).

    I did purchase a second one of these pumps at BRS, so I can use the repaired pump as backup now. I think they are well designed in build despite the only 4 years of service on the original. Just make sure to take them apart once a year and clean (gently) the ceramic bearing.
  • very dependable pump By Mike on 6/1/2013

    I'm using this as a secondary pump for my aquaponics setup. Runs cool, easy to clean.
    I would like a longer cord with it though.
  • Great external pump By Scott on 12/27/2012

    This pump is quality built and moves a lot of water for a measly 90 watts. The fan keeps the motor nice and cool with no heat added to my water. I have it on the vibration pad that BRS sells and it is very quiet. I highly recommend this pump.
  • Good little pump By Greg on 6/17/2012

    Easy to setup and gets the job done. Not very noisy and doesn't add any heat to my system.


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Product Questions

I have a 180 gallon tank, with two corner overflows, and will be using a 55 gallon sump underneath the stand. Will this pump be large enough to handle both return lines?
Question by: Joshua on Apr 17, 2014 4:16:00 AM
Hi Joshua,
The drains are self regulating and will only drain the water that is pumped back up to the tank (the only water that will overflow into the overflow is the water that is moved up). So really the question is always whether or not the overflows can drain fast enough to keep up with the pump. As a whole though, this would be a very small pump for a tank that size. Folks usually target flow in the 7-10x the size of the tank . Considering your tank is 180g that would put you in the 1300-1800gph range.
Answer by: Bulk Reef Supply on Apr 17, 2014 4:16:00 AM