CaRx Calcium Media (22lbs) - Triton

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Ultra-pure Calcium Reactor Media, perfect for use with Triton Infusion.


Triton CaRx Calcium Media is a high purity calcium reactor media is perfect for maintaining stable calcium and alkalinity as well as trace elements with used in combination with Triton's Infusion trace element additive. This long lasting media can be used with all types of Calcium Reactors to ensure a stable supply of Calcium and Alkalinity.

  • Compatible with the Triton Method
  • Works in any Calcium Reactor
  • High purity media preventing problems that occur from contamination.
  • Very Stable Calcium & Alkalinity 
  • Dissolves almost completely
  • Won't create silt
  • Very high density for less frequent replacement
  • Very cost-effective
  • Recommended pH in reactor is 6.0-6.2


What's Included?

10kg Triton CaRx Calcium Media

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