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BRS Drew's Doser Peristaltic Dosing Pump (RETIRED)

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Drew's Dosers feature a low flow rate of about 1.6mL per minute that makes them perfect for dosing 2 Part. Two Drew's Dosers are needed to dose 2 Part. These are the pumps that we use on our own systems.

  • Will not back siphon
  • Super quiet
  • 1 Year Bulk Reef Supply warranty
  • Includes 10ft of tubing, directions and 100mL measuring cup for calibrating
    • The flow rate of a Drew's Doser is intentionally 1.6mL per minute which makes it too slow for most auto top off needs. With the addition of an inexpensive digital timer Drew's Dosers will provide a fully automated calcium and alkalinity dosing solution. Two Drew's Dosers are necessary to dose 2 Part. The tubing set typically lasts 1-2 years depending on amount of use. Each Drew's Doser includes 10ft of tubing. Please note that the flow rate of each pump will vary slightly and should be tested before use to determine the exact flow rate. BulkReefSupply.com offers a full 1 year replacement warranty on all Drew's Dosers.

      We do not suggest using this pump for auto top off systems.

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Product Name BRS Drew's Doser Peristaltic Dosing Pump (RETIRED)
SKU 202306X
Out of stock message Retired and updated to Drew's Doser V2.0
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