BRS 6 Stage Drinking & Reef RO/DI System - 75GPD

BRS 6 Stage Drinking & Reef RO/DI System - 75GPD (RO/DI)
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  • BRS 6 Stage Drinking & Reef RO/DI System - 75GPD (RO/DI)
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BRS 6 Stage Drinking & Reef RO/DI System - 75GPD

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Quick Overview

The BRS 6 Stage Drinking & Reef System includes all the essential features necessary to start making pure RO/DI water for your saltwater tank as well as supply drinking water at 75 gallons per day.


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Product Questions

does your tank provide enough pressure to be used with a fridge ice water unit or drinking water?
Question by: Zachary Mosher on May 20, 2016 2:58:00 PM
Great question! Yes, the tank will be able to feed drinking water to a fridge or ice maker.
Answer by: Carter (Admin) on May 24, 2016 12:05:00 PM
I was looking at getting the 6 Stage drinking and ro/do reef system. I was wanting to hook it up under the sink with supplied hardware for drinking use. I was also wanting to divert a line under the house to my saltwater area in garage. What kind of valve would I use to divert water to garage line as needed?
Question by: Anthony on Nov 6, 2016 8:02:00 PM
Great question! We really love this 3-Way Ball valve for that exact use! :-)
Answer by: Randy Russell (Admin) on Nov 8, 2016 5:58:00 PM
Good morning after tireless hrs/days of research I've decided you guys are the winner what I want to know is am I able to do drinking water with the universal plus I like the additional filtration it provides.
Question by: Mike on Jan 15, 2016 9:16:00 AM
Great question!
We have divided our units between drinking water (NSF certified) and Reef use (Not Certified) We do not recommend using the universal 6 stage reefing systems as the components are not rated for human consumption. If you would like a dual use system the best option is the Drinking water system or for reef and drinking use we have the Drinking and Reef system. Feel free to let us know if you have any further questions!
Answer by: Connor (Admin) on Jan 15, 2016 10:30:00 AM
I am looking for a RO/DI System for Drinking, and also for my Reef Tank. My question is: The world health organization has stated that drinking RO/DI water is not healthy for human consumption unless you add back into the RO/DI system an alkaline/ PH filter which adds in minerals like calcium and phosphates and other minerals back into your drinking water. However as we all know this filter is not really to be used for reefing because these are the elements we want out of the water for a reef tank. So can you build a RO/DI system with a 7th stage (alkaline filter) added in, where I can hook it up so when I get a drink from faucet the alkaline filter would be used but then add a valve to switch over to reef only and bypass the alkaline filter? Do I need this alkaline filter at all? If you can do this setup what would be the price?
Question by: Jesse Reynolds on Mar 6, 2016 9:57:00 AM
Great question!
We cannot sell our RO/DI reefing only system for human consumption. The 6 stage drinking and reef model will come with an RO membrane which splits the RO water between the pressurized drinking water tank and the other line will head to the DI resin stage. RO water is safe for human consumption and recommended with out the need for additional elements to be added back in. The DI water can then be used for the aquarium. Feel free to let us know if you have any further questions!
Answer by: Connor (Admin) on Mar 9, 2016 4:35:00 PM

Can you tell me how many gallons I can filter before I need to replace the filters for this unit. I have the

BRS 6 Stage Drinking & Reef RO/DI System - 75GPD SKU# 200413

Thank you for all your help!

Donna Hiatt
Question by: Donna Hiatt on Mar 6, 2016 5:47:00 PM
Unfortunately there is not a direct answer and it will vary on each unit. In many cases the DI resin will need to be replaced when transitioned from Blue to Yellow. The Carbon blocks and Sediment filter can be changed once every 6 months with regular use however for an accurate reading you will need to test for chlorine. The RO membrane will last much longer around 1.5-3 years however this can be tested with a handheld TDS meter. Feel free to let us know if you have any further questions!
Answer by: Connor (Admin) on Mar 9, 2016 5:56:00 PM
I am looking at the 6 stage 75gpd drinking and reef system. It doesn't seem to be fitted with the in line TDS meter. Can this be added?
Question by: Doob on Jul 2, 2016 1:05:00 PM
Yes, you can definitely do that.
Answer by: Valerie W (Admin) on Jul 5, 2016 11:55:00 AM

Can I upgrade this unit to make it 150gpd?
Question by: Emi on Nov 8, 2016 9:51:00 AM
Great question! You sure can, using our 150GPD upgrade kit.
Answer by: Randy (Admin) on Nov 8, 2016 11:14:00 AM
Does the unit continuously run? Or will it stop once the pressurized tank is full?
Question by: Ahayes on Jan 7, 2017 2:54:00 PM
Great question! This unit is equipped with an Auto Shut Off valve, in which case, once the pressurized tank is full the back pressure will cause the valve to close and the water will stop running. It's much like shutting off your bathroom sink. :-)

Answer by: Randy (Admin) on Jan 10, 2017 1:33:00 PM
Can this be installed under the kitchen sink?
Question by: Michael on May 20, 2017 3:53:00 PM
If you have the room under your sink, you can absolutely install this beneath your sink. Many of us here have done this. With the supplied EZ angle adapter, it's a snap to install this on your cold water supply line!

Have a great day!
Answer by: Zack (Admin) on May 22, 2017 6:43:00 PM
Is this system upgrade-able to the water saver and/or some of the Universal line features?
Question by: Mark Davis on May 25, 2016 1:43:00 PM
Great question!
While it can be upgraded when in use with the pressurized tank the system will encounter back pressure which negates the water saver qualities. Additionally the other fittings (pressure gauge, TDS) are not NSF certified and cannot be recommended for the upgrade with drinking water.
Answer by: Connor (Admin) on May 25, 2016 4:06:00 PM
I have this rodi drinking water unit and I need to replace just theb(di) filter which one is it I need to purchase

Question by: Mike on May 22, 2017 2:14:00 PM
Our filters come with refillable DI resin cartridges. If you need to replace your DI, you can purchase refills at the link below.

Have a great day!
Answer by: Zack (Admin) on May 25, 2017 4:13:00 PM
I have RO drinking system without DI. I want to upgrade it to be like this one "6 Stage Drinking & Reef RO/DI System", can you help me with instruction and where and how to add the extra DI Canister in my current RO system.
Question by: Fadi Abu Tahoun on Mar 26, 2016 10:16:00 AM
Great question!
We certainly can help directly if you give us a call or email at 763-432-9691 or I have included 2 upgrade kits below which will help to complete your process and do come with fairly easy instructions. Feel free to let us know if you have any further questions!
Answer by: Connor (Admin) on Mar 28, 2016 11:33:00 AM
Which system is best for drinking water where you have frequent breaks in lines and sometimes have boil water notices. I would like especially to remove fluoride and other chemicals from the water. Does this filter system remove fluoride from the water?
Question by: Jan Gregg on May 18, 2016 6:06:00 PM
Great question!
The % stage drinking water kit is the one we recommend for human consumption (DI resin is only needed for reef tanks) This will function great with regular maintenance and monitoring the filters. This will remove fluoride from the water up to 99% Feel free to let us know if you have any further questions!
Answer by: Connor (Admin) on May 18, 2016 6:13:00 PM

Full Details

The BRS 6 Stage Drinking & Reef RO/DI System includes all the essential features necessary to start making pure RO/DI water for your saltwater tank as well as supply drinking water at 75 gallons per day.


Drinking Water Features:

  • 3.2 gallon pressurized water tank
  • Silver drinking water faucet
  • All necessary drinking water fittings


6 Stages of Filtration:

  • Purtrex 5 Micron Depth Sediment Filter
  • BRS Chlorine & VOC 5 Micron Carbon Block Filter
  • BRS Universal 1 Micron Carbon Block Filter
  • 75 GPD Dow Filmtec Membrane
  • Omnipure Inline Carbon Block
  • Pre-filled Single Deionization (DI) stage with refillable cartridge


Parts Bag Includes:

  • 3/8" Push connect drain saddle clamp to plumb the waste water line
  • Mur-lok Push Connect Inline Ball Valve for easy on/off
  • Filter Wrench to tighten and loosen canisters
  • Mur-lok Garden Hose/Utility Sink Adapter to make a non-permanent connection to garden hose or laundry tub
  • Mur-lok EZ angle stop adapter to make a semi-permanent connection to household water supply under sink
  • 3/8" Black RO tubing


Standard Features:

  • Automatic shut-off valve
  • Mur-lok Push Connect dual EPDM O-Ring fittings
  • 10 Ft Each of Blue, Red and Black Tubing
  • BRS 6 Stage Drinking & Reef Systems exclusively feature NSF-certified Universal and Chlorine/VOC Carbon Block Filters with 30% more carbon than standard blocks, GE Purtrex Depth Sediment Filters, American made DOW membranes and Omnipure filters.
  • Dimensions - 16" x 6.25" x 17.5" (RO bracket) / 6" x 5" x 13" (DI bracket)


Recommended Conditions:

  • Minimum Water Pressure - 50 PSI
  • Max Water Pressure - 90 PSI
  • Recommended Water Temperature - 77°F
  • Recommended Max TDS - <300ppm


Water pressure can be increased by adding a booster pump before your RO/DI system if a pressure increase is required. Low pressure will cause slow production of product water, with excess production of waste water. Pressure over 90 PSI may cause damage to the RO/DI units filters and components.




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  • Great products! By Jeremy on 4/2/2017

    This is an awesome package deal. I would be extremely surprised if you need something to install this system that the kit doesn't come with. Like I said in the summary. Great product.
  • Great unit, great drinking water quality but check your incoming pressure By Dillon on 2/6/2017

    This unit is put together very nicely. It was also, a fairly simple install for the average diy person. I wish that BRS would have a dropdown box to select faucet finish when ordering though. I ended up ordering another faucet from BRS to match my nickle kitchen faucet. My incoming water pressure is 55psi. I was fairly disappointed with the output and waste generated upon installation. I split the RO to my fridge cold water dispenser and the sink mounted faucet. No problem using the fridge door water to fill a glass of water, a little slow but no biggie. Using the faucet to fill my coffee-pot though, another story. After about 3 cups the water started to slow down considerably. On the DI side of things the unit filled a 5-gal jug in about two-hours. So......I ordered a booster pump, an auto-flush valve. and two float valves. You may be able to get away without the booster pump, but I say it's worth every penny. I can now fill a one-gallon jug at the faucet in no time at all, which for a drinking system is typical (for coffee makers, making iced-tea or what not). The waste was drastically reduced as well. You wont visually notice waste if plumbed into the drain which is typical. I live in SoCal, and the water cops would give you 15-to-life for the small amount of waste generated. I plumbed my waste line into a 55-gallon rain barrel. Prior to the booster pump I made just under 10-gallons of RO/DI and the 55-gallon barrel was overflowing! With the booster pump I can generate over 15-gallons of RO/DI before the rain barrel fills to capacity. I now have two 55-gallon rain barrels connected to my waste line. I use these to water plants, and mixing concrete/stucco while I'm remodeling. This works out perfect for the small amount of water I make (My aquarium is only 60-Gallons and I have a 25-gallon salt water/10-gallon fresh water storage. My weekly water change is 15-gallons and my ato burns 5-gallons. On top of all the great tasting drinking water I go through.). I have no complaints about this system. It works great and makes some great tasting water. Just do yourself a favor and order a booster pump, auto-flush valve, and some float valves for your storage tanks when you buy this thing and you wont be disappointed. Basically another great BRS product!
  • Great RO/DI System By TedrowP on 1/1/2017

    I was looking for a system to supply RODI water for my aquariums but that would also supply excellent water at the kitchen sink for cooking and consumption. I also wanted to kill three birds with one stone -- to eliminate the constant need for purchasing inferior refrigerator filters and instant hot water tank filters (our 'hot water on demand' system at the kitchen sink uses the standard type of carbon filter seen in fridges and the like). This system fulfilled it all. It produces rather large volumes of RO water for human consumption on demand (it comes with a 3 gallon storage tank) and still has enough supply for our fridge (COLD RO water on demand, the instant hot system (190 degree water on demand) and I can produce 1 gallon of RO/DI water about every 5 minutes for my aquariums when I need to top them off or do water changes. All in all an excellent value. I did wind up adding the triple TDS monitor, a glycerin filled pressure gauge, and a membrane autoflush system. My water pressure is 70 PSI so I seem to have plenty of pressure to operate the entire system. Plus the 3 gallon tank is pressurized so it helps maintain excellent water flow to all areas. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a quality system to make really great water.
  • Great Product, Even Better Customer Service By Trent on 10/18/2016

    I bought this RO/DI System right before it went on sale and they were more than willing to refund the difference! When I first received the system everything was packaged securely in three boxes. I didn't think the instructions were difficult to understand but I have watched lots of other ro/di setup videos so that may help. After initial setup, I found two small leaks. Customer service sent me new fittings right away. I still had one small leak so after talking with C.S. again they sent me enough extra parts to fix any future leaks I would have.

    Now everything is working perfectly and I have had no other issues. The build quality is great and the Mur-lock fittings feel very secure. This was also the best value I could find anywhere for all of the features and extra parts. Thanks BRS!!!
  • Best RODI By Mel on 10/7/2016

    The best RODI for the price on the market, thanks BRS
  • Great product. By CJ on 6/24/2016

    System was packaged securely. The plastic Tap in to the cold water leaked so I had to run out to the hardware store for a copper replacement. I called customer service for assistance since I had some questions while following the instructions. Customer Service was awesome and pointed me to a BRS installation video that was perfect. The system have been in use for a month and I'm very happy with it. I should've also ordered the tds meter and the back wash kit. I ran the RO line to my refrigerator and added a shutoff valve between the reservoir tank and the fridge. I have another shutoff between the RO and the tank. A shutoff valve is included for the tank. 0 TDS is beautiful and it's saving me $15-$20 per week.
  • Great product By John alex on 6/17/2016

    Fantastic product even better customer service. This same item went in sale two days after i bought it. They refunded the difference after i asked!! The instructions are a bit contradicting but after a little thought and common sense i figured it out. Still great product and great company!
  • Can't beat easy! By James on 4/14/2016

    I have many years of pharmaceutical water system experience, so I had high expectations. This system is simple and totally effective. Everything is supplied, and the instructions are complete. Great base system on which to build or to use as-is. Thanks, BRS!
  • Flawless water, easy to install By John on 1/17/2016

    The unit shipped really fast, I had it in a couple of days. The unit is installed in my basement as is the pressure tank, the unit comes with 3 colors of 10' of tubing. I used all of it. From the ro unit and tank to the faucet is about 8'. The pressure coming from the sink faucet is GREAT and I only have 40 lbs of house pressure. The water tastes great. I did later upgrade to the value plus instead of the universal plus because I don't have the second DI canister. Buy it you'll be glad you did.
  • Awesome By Codey on 9/29/2015

    Product works amazing. Basically setup right out the box and comes with all the fittings you could need. Customer support is quick and easy and Fixed a small shipping hiccup in a 30 second phone call. Love BRS my new go to reef company
  • Awesome product & company!! By me2rowdy on 9/8/2015

    The unit leaked after it was installed. BRS immediately sent a new unit and it doesn't leak at all. We love this thing! It is always ready with water and refills at a really fast rate. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to have an RO drinking unit as well as a R)/DI unit for your reef tank. I even use the RO water on my plants and orchids.
  • Great RO/DI By Scott on 9/8/2015

    This system delivers exactly as promised and its easy to install(with a little plumbing know how).