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AquaScape Fix Bonding Adhesive - Fauna Marin

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250 mL AquaScape Fix Bonding Adhesive - Fauna Marin

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500 mL AquaScape Fix Bonding Adhesive - Fauna Marin

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1000 mL AquaScape Fix Bonding Adhesive - Fauna Marin

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Fauna Marin AquaScape Fix will change how you frag and aquascape. The reusable adhesive comes in a pellet form that when added to hot water will melt into an easy to use putty that will solidify when it cools in your tanks water. Any extra can be cooled and reused at any later date.


Three Sizes Available:

  • 250 mL - Perfect size occasional fragging and mounting
  • 500 mL - Ideal size for smaller aquascapes and extensive fragging and mounting
  • 1000 mL - Excellent size for larger aquascapes and commercial aquaculture facilities


AquaScape Fix can be used to glue corals, rocks, or decorations in your fresh or saltwater aquarium. The pellets that make up AquaScape Fix are a unique composition that lets you mix work with it, forming and molding it into the particular shape and position you desire around your corals and rocks. AquaScape Fix does not leave your hands with any residue nor does it smell, and if you have ever worked with epoxy or superglue before you know how messy and smelly they can be.

  • Seawater Research Lab Tested
  • Odorless
  • Reusable
  • Doesn't stick to your fingers
  • Shrinks as it cools creating a super-strong bond


How to use AquaScape Fix

Pour a small amount of warm water (over 110℉) into a portion of AquaScape Fix pellets and let them sit for a few seconds while they heat up, we like to use disposable coffee cups. The beads will turn from an opaque white to a clear jelly like consistency as they heat up. Scoop out the flexible AquaScape Fix and use it to bond corals to rocks, frag, or plugs. Holding the items being glued in tank water for a few seconds will allow the AquaScape Fix to cool and firm up quickly. Any remaining unused adhesive can be placed back in the original container for later use.


Tips: The viscosity can change as the pellets get warmer. For a thinner consistency use a warmer water and let them sit longer soaking up the heat.


NOTE: Not for human consumption; keep out of reach of children! Do not microwave or apply to a direct heat source.

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