Tropic Marin Carbon Dosing

Tropic Marin’s unique carbon dosing solution targets only beneficial phosphate loving bacteria that will provide your corals with the ultimate food source for increased metabolic function. The result will be a balanced and optimized level of nitrate and phosphate in your aquarium without the risk of promoting harmful algae or microbes like you get with competing carbon dosing methods.

Elimi-NP and Plus-NP are stand alone solutions designed to make adjustments to your tank’s nitrate and phosphate level while also providing a specialized carbon source. Once ideal phosphate and nitrate levels have been achieved, NP Bacto-Balance will continue to provide that specialized carbon source and maintain those ideal nutrient levels without running the risk of starving your tank.

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  1. NP-Bacto-Balance - Tropic Marin
    Tropic Marin
    NP-Bacto-Balance - Tropic Marin

    Starting at: $16.01

    Earn 16 Reward Points

  2. Elimi-NP - Tropic Marin
    Tropic Marin
    Elimi-NP - Tropic Marin

    Starting at: $8.16

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  3. 200 mL Plus-NP - Tropic Marin
    Tropic Marin
    200 mL Plus-NP - Tropic Marin

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