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6 Inch Algae Scraper - Seachem

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12 Inch Algae Scraper - Seachem

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    The Seachem Algae Scraper is a versatile, 3 in 1 algae scraper for glass and acrylic aquariums. This algae scraper includes three retractable blades: a metal, a plastic, and a soft scrubbing pad. This allows the scraper to take care of soft green algae buildup as well as harder algae deposits. The Algae Scaper is lightweight and will float for easy retrieval, and features an ergonomic handle for comfortable use in multiple positions.



    • Ergonomic handle allows for easy use in multiple positions
    • Retractable blade housing safely hides blade while not is use.
    • White design contrasts with algae so you can see what you are removing
    • Floats for easy retrieval
    • Handle hole for hanging storage


    Available in Three Sizes

    • 6 inches
    • 12 inches
    • 18 inches


    Retractable Blades

    With the push of a button, you can safely hide the blades when not in use. The removable blade cartridges also slide out to easily switch between a metal blade and a soft pad or plastic blade, depending on the job.


    Metal Blade

    Easily removes tough algae in glass aquariums. Not for use on acrylic.


    Plastic Blade

    Safe for use on glass and generally safe for use on acrylic as well. Use care with acrylic as it is possible to scratch acrylic if too much pressure is applied or foreign particles are trapped.


    Soft Pad

    Your first choice for acrylic aquariums. Easily removes soft algae deposits even from shallow scratches.




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