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6 week Cure Pack - Aquavital Bactosprint

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Addition of Aquavital BACTOSPRINT will shorten the “set-up-phase” in new aquariums, as well as restore ecological balance after damage to your biological filter. It can also be used bi-weekly for regular bacterial fortification and maintenance of crystal-clear, algae-free water.



  • Shortens new aquarium “set-up-phase”
  • Repairs biological filter after aggressive cleaning, filter changes, or medical treatment
  • Provides balanced mixture of bacteria and enzymes to remove ammonium/ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates from water column
  • Innovative two-component design increases shelf life and product efficacy
  • No refrigeration required -- product stays fresh until ready for use
  • Single-use bottle suitable for aquariums up to 500L (132 gal) with no risk of overdose for smaller tanks


A healthy and balanced aquarium requires a thriving colony of beneficial bacteria to remove ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates from the water column. When starting a new aquarium, dosing antibacterial medications, changing your filter media, or replacing your filter; your beneficial bacterial colony may require a boost to prevent system imbalances. Although there are a variety of aquarium bacteria additives available on the market, many have demonstrated lackluster results due to limiting factors such as shelf life and temperature storage requirements.


Aquarium Munster has innovatively solved these issues with their Aquavital BACTOSPRINT; a two-component bacterial culture and nutrient system that remains inactive until ready for use in your aquarium.Aquavital BACTOSPRINT is a bottle of activating nutrient solution with a sealed capsule of freeze-dried bacteria and enzymes. Once the bottle cap is twisted open, the balanced bacteria and enzyme mixture is released into the solution, activating the beneficial bacteria and promoting rapid growth for roughly 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, the bacterial colony is ready for addition to your aquarium or filtration system.


Two Sizes Available

  • Single Use (1x 10ml + 0.8g bottle)
  • 6-Weeks-Cure (3x 10ml + 0.8g bottle)



  1. Twist bottle cap to release bacteria and enzyme mixture into activated solution
  2. Shake bottle to mix components
  3. Leave capped bottle undisturbed for 30 minutes at room temperature
  4. Open bottle and add components to aquarium or filtration system
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