52 Weeks of Reefing

It's week two of 52 weeks of reefing, and we're unveiling our new Reef Savvy tank and custom made stand by Benner's Woodworking.

The Stand

We wanted a stand that mimicked a furniture piece that you'd happily place in your living room, but it also needed be fully functional as an aquarium stand. Chris Benner accomplished both of these, and far exceeded my expectations - he produced one of the most impressive stands I have seen! Being a woodworker who is also hobbyist give's Chris a serious advantage in the stand making game.

Stand Benners

It's made of hard maple and furniture grade plywood with a UV hard cured finish on the inside of the stand. This finish is super durable; both chemical and water resistant. Our stand also features drawers for storing commonly used items like scrapers, test kits, refractometer, etc. What really sets this stand apart is the attention to detail; things like arched foot cutouts, soft-close on the drawers and cabinets, and lowered bottom, which gives around 4” of extra vertical space on the interior for working in and around the sump and room for taller skimmers. Keep in mind, this stand is custom made, so you could get your own of a varying size, design, feature, etc. Chris can do custom heights, lengths and depths, doors that easily remove or removable panels. If you have something special in mind, give him a call!

The Tank

We debated about what size tank to go with and ended up deciding on a 160g, because really want to have a variety of fish and corals and a 6ft tank allows that better than a 4ft. What we did not debate on is who was going to make it; this had to be a Reef Savvy tank! As most of you know, we already have 2 Reef Savvy tanks in the office and the quality and craftmanship is second to none. The new Reef Savvy tank has the ghost overflow they're known for, but it's been updated and improved. It now has the world's thinnest external overflow, tongue and groove design, removable weir, polycarbonate cover (warp resistant), and ultra slim internal and external overflow box. This thing is amazing.

Tank Reef Savvy

Checkout the awesome blue "racing stripe" on the Phantom bottom - yet another new feature! It really adds to the already sharp design. The new Phantom bottom also now consists of 3 different materials; high impact ABS liner, glass core and closed-cell PVC liner. All these new features are really no surprise - Reef Savvy is constantly thinking of new things. This was whole tank was absolutely designed for the long-term reefer!

The Foundation for our 52 Week Journey

Put them together, and this set-up is stunning. The stand and tank together are something I would be proud to have in my living room, but each piece is also highly-functional and made by people who are passionate about this hobby.

Tank Stand

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