4-Pack ICP Water Analysis Test - CoralVue (DISCONTINUED)

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Earn 119 Reward Points Earn 1,785 Reward Points

    Complete Water Analysis with Inductive Couple Plasma Testing


    Knowing what is in your water is just as important as feeding your fish and coral, sometimes even more important. CoralVue's ICP Analysis Test is easy to use and only takes a few days to see the results. Each box comes with a set of two vials that lets you collect a water sample from your tank as well as a sample of your RO/DI water and then mail it directly to them for ICP testing. Corals require elements to be at certain concentrations in your water and measuring the levels of 40+ elements would cost hundreds of dollars if you purchased individual test kits, and still would not be as accurate as an ICP test. Many reefers have reported after using ICP testing and getting their elemental levels balanced, corals grow faster and have much better coloration!

    • Results in 4-6 Days
    • Measures over 40 Elements
    • Easy To See What Is Missing
    • Accurate to Parts Per Billion
    • Box Doubles as Shipping Container
    • Works With All Types Of Water Samples
    • Pre-paid Postage!


    Return Mailing Postage Is Included


    How does ICP Testing Work?

    ICP testing works by injecting the sample into a plasma chamber that is about 10,000 degrees Celcius, causing the sample to break apart into its basic elements. The elements are then released at specific wavelengths and using a sophisticated machinery, the concentration can be measured. 

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