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VorTech MP60w ES Propeller Pump - EcoTech Marine

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VorTech MP60w ES Propeller Pump - EcoTech Marine

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Quick Overview

The VorTech MP60w ES is professional grade and engineered for larger tanks. Award-winning technology that has made EcoTech Marine’s VorTech a preferred pump among reef aquarium enthusiasts.

  • Flow: 3500 to 7500 GPH

  • Power consumption: 10 to 60 Watts

  • Maximum Tank Thickness: 1"

  • Appropriate Tank Size Range: 120 to 1000+ gallons

  • Communication: Wireless

  • Apex Ready+


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Previously Asked Questions

  • by ted nickolite on November 10, 2013, @2:10 PM

    could I replace all my power head with one of these in my 150 gallon reef tank. 48" long but very deep?

    Bulk Reef Supply Hi Ted,
    Having one giant powerhead usually isn't the best route to go as you end up with some areas with super high flow and others with little. Your best bet on a 48" tank would likely be to get two of the mp40's and locate them either on the back glass or opposing sides (you could do one on the back on one on one side as well but it wont work well if you want to create a standing wave).

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Full Details


  • Wet Side Dimensions: 4" Diameter x 3 "Long
  • Dry Side Dimensions: 4" Diameter x 2.8" Long
  • Clearance Needed Behind Aquarium: 3.3"

  • The VorTech MP60W ES uses award-winning technology to let you take full control of the flow. Wireless capability allows for advanced modes and features in which synchronized flow or coordinated flow.
  • With all the electrical components outside the aquarium and a variety of easy-to-program modes on the EcoSmart Driver, the VorTech is the safest, most versatile pump on the market.
  • No accessories to purchase for wave making or multi-pump use.
  • Brushless motor design reduces electricity consumption.
  • External motor mounting results in less heat transfer to your tank.
  • Adjustable flow rates to best meet the needs of your tank.
  • Ecotech 20 hour battery backup compatibility ensures the health of your fish and corals by continuous flow even with a power outage.

Operational Modes

  • Constant Speed Mode – Set your pump to run continuously at a constant speed.
  • EcoSmart Nutrient Transport Mode (NTM) - A two phase program to promote maximum health and nutrient export, as well as increased growth for corals. Alternates between a resonant standing wave and a surge effect to stir up and export nutrients. EcoSmart Tidal Swell Mode (TSM) - Creates a harmonic balance in your aquarium reminiscent of the changing flow conditions that would be found in nature. Flow varies from left to right, right to left, calm, and ends with a great surge.
  • Reef Crest Random Mode - Reef Crest Random Mode simulates the high-energy conditions of a natural reef crest environment. Lagoonal Random Mode - Simulates the gentler reef zone found in a natural lagoon.
  • Short Pulse Mode - Allows for wave pulse timings between 0.3 and two seconds, enabling the creation of FAST alternating flow throughout the tank. Use this mode to create a resonant standing wave.
  • Long Pulse Mode - Allows for wave pulse timings of between 2 seconds and 60 seconds, enabling the creation of slow alternating flow throughout the tank.
  • Feed Mode - Slows down pump to allow user to feed aquarium. User can select the duration and speed for Feed Mode.
  • Night Mode - Automatically reduce speed and operates continuously at that speed for a period of time during the night. User can select the duration and speed for Night Mode.
  • Battery Backup Mode - When used with our battery backup accessory, the VorTech pump will switch to Battery Backup Mode in the event of a power outage and will operate at a user set speed. The LED’s on your EcoSmart driver will count down to indicate how much power is available within the battery.
  • Auto-Dim - LED’s are turned off and display knob dimmed significantly, but pump functions in its current mode. User can program how long after use before the driver enters Auto-Dim.
  • On/Off Switch - Tap the on/off switch to turn off and turn on a pump. Hold this button to turn off all pumps in a master/slave group. Tap any pump in the groups’ on/off switch and that pump will turn back on.

Quick Compare - VorTech Propeller Pumps

  Flow Rate Power Consumption Maximum Tank Thickness Appropriate Tank Size Range Clearance Needed Behind Tank
MP10 ES 200-1500 GPH 8-18 Watts 0.375" 2.5-50 Gallons 2.25"


200-1500 GPH

8-18 Watts

0.375" 2.5-50 Gallons



1000-3200 GPH

9-28 Watts

0.75" 50-500+ Gallons



3500-7500 GPH

10-60 Watts

.375" -1" 120-1000+ Gallons




10 Items

  • MP60 first impressions By Joshua on 1/12/2015

    Hands down best powerhead if your goal is to move massive amounts of water. I have a 450 gal reef and was able to replace 3 koralias with this one pump. The only draw back is the price and and it does make a little more noise then I would like for a pump that is as expensive as it is.
  • Great By Scott Nelson on 1/12/2015

    I purchased an MP40w and liked it so much, and since I have a 72" long tank, I figured I could use more power, so I got this. EcoTech makes great products and this is no exception. It has great flow, quiet and flexible. It is well built and I will keep it forever. It is a bit expensive, however, but most quality products are. Great Product!!
  • Great Product! By Bobby on 1/12/2015

    As with all other ecotech marine products it's built to last. It's a wonderful wavemaker with tons of power. I have to dial it back on my 220 (72X24X30) reef tank. The corals are happy. I do think it is a little pricy but you get what you pay for.
  • Fantastic powerheads By Dennis on 1/12/2015

    These powerheads have no rivals. They pull more detritus out from behind and between the live rock than any other pump. They are extremely versatile and durable. I have MP-20s in two smaller tanks, MP-40s in multiple mid-size tanks ranging in size from 75 gallons to 90 gallons and six MP-60s in multiple large size tanks as big as 300 gallons. Absolutely no problems. I have them hooked up to the Vortech battery packs and those batteries have kept the pumps running for hours during two extended power outages I experienced. I wouldn't buy any other powerhead.

  • Amazing Flow By Deadpool on 1/12/2015

    I have a 72" long Tank, with a lot of dead spaces, once I put this in my tank no more dead space. A huge amount of flow. A+ Design.
  • Amazing product By Joseph on 1/12/2015

    Let me start off by saying I was very hesitant on spending this much money for "just" a power head. I had heard great reviews on these but how can the cost be justified? We'll, I decided to purchase two MP40w's and installed them. After about 24hrs I soon learned how important proper water movement is. I saw a decrease in water particles, less algea and a decrease in water parameters like nitrate. I put these on the same level as your lighting, chiller, pump and calc reactor. Great addition to any tank!!!! I am a believer!
  • Transformed my tank By Steve on 1/12/2015

    I bought 2 MP60w''s for my 280 gallon reef tank. I've been watching them for over a year in the LFS but never pulled the trigger because they are very expensive. Finally broke down and got a pair and no regrets at all...very well made! I'm running them at roughly 75% and the current is flying through the tank. The wave motion is incredible. SPS corals are already noticeably thriving after 1 week.
  • VorTech MP60w ES Propeller Pump By james on 1/12/2015

    i have bought 2 ofthe 60's and 2 of the 40's to use on my 300 gal tank. in the end i went with 1 60 and 2 40's and just keep the extra 60 just in case. did not give a 5 star because about 6 months in one of the wet sides on the 60 just went bad. the company replaced it with no questions and there customer service is very good. they are a little hard to program and i just would up useing them as single units rather then havibg them talk to each other. over all great pumps but there may be other pumps on the market for less money that will do as good a job or better.
  • Good product By pruksakan on 1/12/2015

    Over good wave create, but a bit motor dry side noisy.
  • Very Nice - Extremely powerful By Whasmack on 1/12/2015

    I bought the MP60 for a 180g tank to sync up with a MP40. 1st - the MP60 is extremely quiet, whereas the MP40 is very noisey. 2nd - I was expecting more flow than it had. But don't get me wrong, it has lots of flow. I was more impressed with the undertow this powerhead creates! It's like a black hole at the end of the tank!
    For a 180g, I think the MP60's undertow is too much, but I would buy it again just because of how quiet it is!

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