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BRS 4 Stage RO Drinking Water System - 75GPD

SKU: 200441

  • Excellent r/o systems! By Todd on 9/6/2014

    I purchased the 5 stage drinking/reef system during a black Friday sale in November of 2013. We love our system it runs our ice maker drinking water supply and our reef tank setup. I
    plan on doing the 150gpd upgrade to it soon. You will be glad you purchased one of there systems.
  • Saves 100s of dollars By Dan on 6/20/2014

    I have been using a culligan RO system in my home for years and was always frustrated at the high prices charged for new proprietary filters and membranes. I would spend ~$300 on average to replace filters vs. maybe $50. Easy to install and simple to maintain. Very Happy with this system.
  • nice system but wrong instructions By orchid on 1/12/2014

    I had the same problem as ROOKI3 above. The default setup had a plastic taste. Changing it so that the post filter is between the faucet and talk, solved it. I
  • Great System: 715 TDS In, 40 out By Dave on 8/1/2013

    Superbly designed system. Clear instructions, thoughtful installation package with lots of tubing and multiple water supply attachment options. Nothing leaks and all parts are high quality. I'd recommend the dual TDS monitor accessory. We've got crappy city water: 715 TDS. And this unit is producing 40 TDS water coming out. That's the as-advertised 95% efficiency rating.
  • Superbly Designed System: 715 TDS in, 49 out By Dave on 8/1/2013

    Superb system: well-designed and easy to install. BRS has really done their homework on this system; the multiple attachment options and really long pieces of tubing make installation a breeze. I'd also recommend the dual TDS monitor. We've got crappy town water: 715 TDS in and this unit is producing water at 49 TDS out. That's the as-advertised 95% efficiency for this unit.
  • Excellent product but plumbing instructions are goofed By Rooki3 on 6/13/2013

    I would have rated this product a complete five stars but since it is being shipped with instructions that will leave a terrible taste to the water I rate it a three. (Will edit my rating if I am losing efficiency in my system due to the adjustment)

    Ordered my product about three weeks ago and installed per instructions. After the pressurized tank became full I flushed then repeated about 3 times before I actually began drinking the water. It tasted great at first but then in the following days the unit began acquiring a weird taste to it. I knew there was something wrong because I own the BRS 5 stage plus system and that unit made great tasting water since day one. However, I thought that the bad taste would go away with time so I did just that give it time.

    After doing research I found out that I should not be drinking water out of the pressurized tank directly. That it should be going through the POST carbon block (Omnipure).

    The way I changed the installation of the system is to Tee off the tank on the side of the post carbon block that has water going in, instead of teeing the side of the pressurized tank per instructions. I am going to try to explain as best as I can without pictures at the Omnipure side it should have one line from the ASO Valve to the Tee, One line coming from the pressurized tank to the Tee, and finally one line going into the post carbon block on the third side of the Tee.

    Final step is to have the water coming out of the post carbon block hook up directly to the faucet. I was excited to know that this instantly solved the terrible tasting water.

    Please note that I am unsure whether additional time would have taken away the bad taste from the water but this seems to work effectively.

    BRS if by any chance this information is wrong or right please let us know by responding to this review. I am sure that any information can help past, present, and future customers. Maybe someday you will allow reviewers to submit pictures when reviewing, and once approved, you can display them in the panel for additional references. Thank you and keep up the great service.
  • get it By tiggle snacks on 5/1/2013

    read previous review - I only have a couple of things to add: 1) you will need thread tape on screw-on connections. 2) you don't have to connect the black waste water line to the air-gap faucet. Go directly from the RO unit to the drain; Tee the blue supply line going to the tank, directly up to the air-gap faucet. Works fine. You do lose the ability to prevent a vacuum from drawing in backed up sewage into your faucet and tank potentially, but beats the noise and hassle of the air gap faucet. Keep in mind - there is a one way check valve which you can get that will also prevent the backup, should it occur. I would've purchased it had i known.
  • best product By sirjames on 3/10/2013

    the quality is good and the price is just right
  • waste water By Steven on 2/28/2013

    I didn't know there was gonna be so much waste water, and the air gap facet leaks water on my sink then drips under my sink. not happy
  • Runs good, easy to instal By Newbie Mike on 4/9/2012

    The whole system was very easy to install. The how to video helped out a lot. After cycling about 10 gallons through the entire system I was getting water coming out at 7ppm, and that was water coming from a broken water softener. Water tasted good, no off tastes due to pressurized tank. I bought the DI filter after the fact. Should have got the 5 stage kit in the first place.

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