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BRS 4 Stage RO ONLY System - 75GPD

SKU: 200401

  • Skeptical By Alex on 10/1/2014

    Bought this system as I already had a 2DI unit to add to this. I can't tell if it is my float valve or my auto shutoff valve, but I cannot get this system to stop producing water once the float closes.

    In retrospect, I wish I would have gone with a higher flow rate. Otherwise, optimal working system putting out about 5 tds water after running it through a 2 stage DI it is about 1 tds.
  • Not quite as advertised By John on 6/5/2014

    75 gallon per day would indicate 3.125 gallon per hour, or 19.2 minutes to produce 1 gallon water. My system pressure is at 70 psi, and all other vales off, so I was not filling storage tank, or running water through a leaking faucet.
    In 20 minutes, I got 2 1/2 cups water, far short of the 1 gallon I should have gotten. As the filters get plugged up, it will only get slower. If you know up front it does not give the quantity advertised and you are OK with the lower quantity this could still work for you. I will end up buying a larger storage tank, and let it run longer at night to make 15 gallon I need per day.
  • Does what is should By cvolkers on 6/5/2014

    This works great, I already had a DI unit, so I just added this to it. I need to get the back flush kit yet, but love it.
  • great! By Michael on 4/30/2014

    Can't beat it at this price!
  • 0 tds By Theodore on 2/17/2014

    filtration system does great job water going in 141 tds, water coming out 0 tds. affordable system to make clean water.
  • easy to use, no leaks By Courtney on 12/31/2013

    I ordered this RO system after having months of trouble with my tap water and having to buy RO water from the store every week for water changes for my tropical freshwater tank. I got so sick of hauling jugs of water. This system was very easy to set up with the provided directions; I just had to find an adapter that would hook up to my faucet and one of the provided adapters and plug the intake line in (This system comes with a hose adapter and a sink adapter but it wasn't my sink size so I had to get an adapter FOR the adapter at Home Depot - it cost about 6 bucks). The system works great and does not leak at all. It was easy for a non-mechanically inclined person like myself to use. Everything was ready to go as soon as I unpacked it and hooked up the right adapter. I get my 14 gallons of RO water in about 7 hours now. :) It's a great system for the price.
  • Great Product By Nojinnyc on 8/20/2013

    Solid product! Includes all the pieces you need for various types of installs.
  • Good deal. Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend. By Mike on 5/15/2013

    First hour : Water in my home 40 tds, after 3rd filter..60tds, it's means filters not working yet .Plus 20 tds -deposit from plastic or filters? After RO Membrane 6 tds. Productivity : 7 minute / 1liter.
    After second hour : 40 tds -on entry -50 tds before RO Membrane and 2 tds on exit. It good enough . I don't understand why elevation after 3rd filter... Productivity : 6min /1liter. it's good.
  • Clean water! By RANDY on 1/23/2013

    Easy to install, Does what it says it will do, and comes with everything you need. I added a boost pump and a pre- filter to my system. This resolved an issue with the waste water not shutting off due to a poor (city) water pressure. I called BRS and they set me up with a pump and everything works perfectly.
  • Excellent Value By Rod on 3/10/2012

    Very effective system, ultra quick under sink install and a great adaptor system for different install situaltions. Easily expanded...

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