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3-Way Ball Valve with John Guest 1/4" Push Connect

John Guest 3-Way Ball Valve
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  • John Guest 3-Way Ball Valve

3-Way Ball Valve with John Guest 1/4" Push Connect

SKU: 206000
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  • Well Built, Easy to Use By Linda P on 3/17/2015

    It's made of sturdy plastic that I expect to hold up for quite a while. Better than I've seen in local stores. Easy to use. Just cut the water line squarely and push in then pull backwards a bit to make it grip the hose. Flip the toggle to have it run through whichever side you need. It allows me to fill my storage tank or my sump.
  • Does the trick for me By StarFishMan on 3/2/2015

    This allows me to easily throw the RO/DI water out to a 1 gallon milk container to be used for drinking water. Without having to swap anything. Just works and comes in very handy. I can think of several ways to use these.
  • Very handy By James on 2/23/2015

    Good for many uses and good quality.
  • Ball Valve By Utah Reefer on 2/18/2015

    Great product, well built.
  • Excellent By Robert on 2/13/2015

    Very well built and quite secure. Used it as many others do and use it to divert the ro flush away from my di resin.
  • Great valve to save DI resin By Justin on 1/22/2015

    I bought this to get rid of the TDS creep on my DI resin and avoid any backflush from getting to the resin.

    This is a very high quality valve and really when you think about you are getting a 3 way valve for $20. The big box store single valve cost close to 10 and is not nearly as nice and much more prone to leakage this this one. Thinking about adding a second to be able to fill to water tanks rather than pumping from one to the other. Well worth the money.
  • Great Product By Romain on 12/14/2014

    I use this on the water line after the RO canisters before it gets to the DI section to fill my homes drinking water. Super easy to install(gotta love push connects) and works great I agree a little pricey but saves a lot of time so well worth it.
  • Super Useful By sazoram on 10/3/2014

    I use this to keep my RODI unit pumping out the pure H20 while I can control the output to two repositories. Would otherwise require two ball valves and a Tee. In addition, two ball valves would run the risk of shutting off the continuous supply which would cause my RODI to cycle.
  • A 'must have' item By Sportfish on 4/25/2014

    BRS has the best prices on RO/DI machines and I have their 5 Stage 75 gallon/day system. I LOVE it. I of course got it for the FOWLER tank I have - it does not take long to get tired of going to a 'storefront' FO/DI machine and lugging 5 gallon jugs around. I then started using the water for drinking and some special plants. But certainly the plants don't need DI water, and while I'm not convinced of it, I've read 'people' should not drink DI water (I need to keep researching this). So the solution is to install this valve in between the RO filter (my State 4), and the DI filter (my Stage 5). It took seconds to do and now I can - with a simple twist - generate either FO/DI water, or, just exceptional filtered RO water - saving / extending the life of the resin significantly. And you can look all you want, but even at what seems an expensive $19+, BRS has the best price on the valve. And you can try using shut-offs and "Y" fittings that appear to be a cheaper solution, but in the end and for a couple extra bucks, you get this 3-way, have a very 'clean' installation, and you're done. BRS sends quite a lot of hardware - expensive hardware - with their systems, and it is appreciated. But for me, a lot of it was not needed and inapplicable. I would respectfully suggest that BRS omit some of the 'other' hardware - much of which many will never need/use - and instead include one of these 3-way valves which I am certain EVERYONE will need and use.
  • Well worth the price By David on 1/14/2014

    It seems like a lot to spend on such a small bit of plastic valve, but when you get it in your hands the high build quality is obvious. Solid feel and overall larger than I'd expected.

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