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ReefKeeper Elite w/ Net - Digital Aquatics
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ReefKeeper Elite w/ Net
Digital Aquatics

SKU: 205524

  • PIECE OF CRAP UNIT By Joseph on 8/3/2014

    The controller simply does not function; it reboots constantly; the software is JUNK there are so many bugs that prevent you from operating in one mode while trying to make use of certain features. If I had to do it over again Id opt for my money back.

    Customer Service is a completely joke.
  • If Your Smart Enough To Read Then This System Is Limitless! By Phil on 2/26/2014

    I laugh after reading all these negative comments. Did any of you even try tech support or even read the downloadable pdf owners manual? Probably Not, Because I haven't had a single problem with mine and mine controls EVERYTHING for not just my display which I originally bought it for but my frag system as well. Maybe people should do research and get the full layout before buying a $500 Reef Controller then crying because your too illiterate to read how functions work!

    Cant Stand Stupid acting & thinking people.

    I LOVE MY REEFKEEPER- AND BEING ABLE TO USE MY CELL PHONE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD WITH A 4g or high speed Wi-Fi signal is priceless. Sux for all you illiterate people that didn't take the time to learn about your equipment because there is unlimited uses for the Elite Net ReefKeeper
  • Get an APEX controller. Don't waste your time or money on a reefkeeper. By FCorsten on 12/28/2013

    I've had my Reefkeeper Elite for 1.5 years. I hate it. It does basic functions well enough, but if you want more you're going to be disappointed. I can never get the NET module to work properly. Without the NET module it doesn't do half the functions I bought it for. I tried to get some customer service from DA but to no avail. The salinity probe is now available but for the whole time I had my Reefkeeper said probe and module was " in development". I decided not to sink any more money in this controller and I got an APEX. Even the connections on the probes suck. I broke my temperature probe just by unplugging it!!! Absolute garbage...I couldn't be more angry at Digital Aquatics. If you could give this product no stars I would! You've been warned.
  • buyer beware!!!!!! By David on 12/9/2013

    I don’t usually review products, but this thing has driven me to it. I whole-heartedly suggest you consider every other possibility before you buy this thing. After a month of messing with it I would return it to BRS for 50 cents on the dollar. Two features really motivated me to buy this package: graphing and control over a network. The computer interface cable in the box from BRS did not work. After a night wasted on the internet chat forums I was told I probably had a bad cable. DA sent me a second. It did not work. DA sent me a third. Finally I was able to access the system from a laptop. The software is amateurish at best. The documentation is woefully deficient and outdated. The graphing that is provided now requires a computer to be hooked to the device. Nothing is simple or easy…let alone polished or well done.
  • Horrible company all around By Dre on 11/14/2013

    You half to be a mechanical engineer to figure out how to program the system. Then you call customer service expecting a solution, WRONG! This company is terrible all around. I'd get the Appex controller if I could do it over again, better reviews. About $1200 bucks down the drain :-(
  • awesome easy setup By ROGERWILCO357 on 9/8/2013

    It took me like 20 minutes to have it up and running , controls my heater which has saved me when the heater malfunctioned and was shut down by the controller , also controls my lights if the tank gets to hot it shuts the lights down leaving the minimum lights on that i programmed to stay on unless another temp is reached then all lights out. takes care of all my 2 part dosers and controls my ato so nice love the unit have 3 now two lite units for other tanks and my sons since his heater stuck and he lost all his corals and fish now he has piece of mind. Now if they get the controller to work with my vortices and get that salinity probe up to snuff it will get 5 stars but till then i give them 4..not sure why people have trouble programming it since its pretty easy setting the alarms and such…well give it a whirl .
  • Faulty product, poor/non existent customer service By AB on 7/16/2013

    Ordered over $1,200 worth of the system. Attempted to set it up piece by piece. Worked ok until adding the third module then constantly started loosing time. Sent in head unit for replacement. Received replacement, system constantly rebooted itself. Attempted to contact customer service, their response will always be disconnect EVERY module then start adding them back one at a time until the reboot happens. Good idea unless you have 12 modules and the reboot is only happening intermittently. System now reboots constantly and DA refuses to replace it. Piece of junk, not worth the time. Highly suggest you don't purchase.
  • No insturctional maual By Reef Paradise on 5/16/2013

    If you want hi-tech, yes this is for you. But you are on your own. There is no instructional manual. Guesses and go, tried and errors is the main theme for this DA, unless you are NASA engineer. Yes indeed there is a thread for how to run this properly on line, but if you don't know where you are, a map won't help. Right? I bought mine in Black Friday on Thanksgiving and until now still now completely figure it out. By the way not to mention customer services are extremely short of staffs. You are really lucky in there is a human answer the phone.
    Good luck
    Dan Trinh
  • Awesome! By Wendiesel on 4/9/2013

    I too had a broken system hours after setup. It was the RKL Plus that died on me. But the short time I had with it was awesome! BRS was by my side and worked things out with me. The replacement RKL worked and is still working with no problems. About a month later I ordered a RKE Net and absolutely love this system. I think the folks that put these things together just don't give a crap along with the folks from quality control, because this system is great. If you can navigate a smartphone without the instructions for the most part, then you should not have a problem getting to know the system. If you panic at the thought of upgrading your phone to the latest and greatest phone available the you might find it hard to work with. As far as the instructions go, whats wrong with saving trees? I feel like DA has done a wonderful thing by posting the instructions instead of putting 1 in each box!
    I give BRS 5 stars for awesome service
    I give DA 4 stars.. 5 for an awesome product -1 star for poor quality control
    All in all the Reefkeeper line is just awesome. This is what I own
    1 RKE
    4 PC4
    2 SL1
    1 SW5
    1 MLC
    1 NET
    1 RD1? (RKL Control)
    And I would buy it all again!
  • this thing sucks By gus on 3/9/2013

    I just opened the box today and its already broken, I have to hold the bus cable in the back of the display unit to keep the display on. Beyond that, the online manual does NOT match any of the options on the display. I figured the problem is firmware related so I tried to download the version referenced in the manual (v1.07), but I am on v2.06 already. It wouldnt have mattered because the link on their website for the upgrade goes to a dead web page.

    I give up.

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