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Dual Deionization Canister

SKU: 200407

  • No more worries of poor water quality By Tom on 6/5/2014

    The biggest reason for adding the dual canisters was that, I am the biggest procrastinator ever and I am a cheapskate. The chances of me changing the DI out when it should be and doing it before every bit of casings is used up, just is not going to happen. With 2 canisters in line, I can wait till the time is good for me and when the DI is totally spent.
    I am not going to say that this is the best method but it works for me and my busy life.

    Hope it helps,
  • WHY DIDN'T I DO THIS SOONER??? By Pegasus on 6/2/2014

    After depleting in very short time two cheapo (sealed) DI cartridges, I realized the dual deionizer canister with refillable cartridges is a much better value over the long haul. The kit was almost the same price as two sealed cartridges, and the refills are definitely cheaper. The amount of resin in each prefilled and refillable cartridge is about the size of a sealed cartridge housing, which means more filtration. Color changing resin adds a layer of protection and gives a heads-up of when to expect your TDS meter to start detecting solids. The build quality is exactly what I would expect from BRS. I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone using disposable DI cartridges. You'll be glad you changed, too.
  • Awesome build quality By Tom F on 5/5/2014

    Replaced my single DI canister with another stage of carbon and am now using these dual DI canisters with my 150 gallon per day system. Build quality is terrific and I'm very pleased with the quality.
  • 5 By miguel nunez on 12/10/2013

    nice product
  • Excellent !! TDS now @ Zero By Scott on 12/9/2013

    Very nice addition ! Very easy to add to my current system wish I would have ordered the whole system at the start !
  • Excellent build quality By shane on 11/27/2013

    Commercial build quality and an A++++ for including the john guest fittings. All that is needed is to supply your own water supply via 1/4 OD tube to the input side and you're filtering DI water! excellent value for the $
  • Awesome Setup! By Dustin on 11/17/2013

    Added this to my existing rodi setup and removed the small DI chambers that came with the unit. The BRS DI canisters use all of the DI resin before entering the other chamber and water doesn't channel around the beads. Very easy to see the color change of the resin! Very Simple to change the resin! If you are considering buying this product, Just do it because its a great product.

    I'm thinking of adding another DI dual setup to have a 4 chambers of DI because I'm lazy lol and would like to change the resin every 3 months or so.
  • Can't beat it By Todd on 9/14/2013

    I added this to my RO system and it took my TDS down to zero. I should have installed one of these years ago. I'm sure I will see a difference in my tank.
  • Good product, resin seems to go fast By Justin on 9/9/2012

    This is a easy to use product that was set up in less than a minute and ready to go. Just plug into your existing RO system and use. I love the color changing resin; I just hate that it seems to deplete so fast. Maybe it's because the TDS coming out of my RO is around 20. Thoughts? All in all, a good product
  • Can't ask for more! By Nicholas on 8/7/2012

    Two reasons I give this all 5's:

    1) When I went to hook this bad boy up I noticed the intake push connect was broken. I contacted BRS and they promptly shipped me two replacements for free. A+ service!

    2) This thing is awesome. Having two canisters means I don't have to keep ordering and replacing the contents all the time. Easy to install and good quality stuff.

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