BRS Bulk Large Particle Lignite Aquarium Carbon

BRS Bulk Large Particle LIgnite Carbon
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BRS Bulk Large Particle Lignite Aquarium Carbon

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  • Great Stuff! By Joseph on 8/12/2015

    I used 5 Gallons of this Charcoal in mesh bags in my outdoor water feature. I put it in in May of 2011 and frankly forgot about it. I have a lot of leaf debris causing a build up of tannins, which causes that lovely Dr. Pepper Colored water. I thought this product was helping, I found out last month just how much when I removed the bags during clean out and did not replace them. The water is now dark brown and pretty ugly. Just ordered another 5 gallons. This stuff really helps the water color & clarity, better than regular charcoal.
  • works great By optimusdooche on 3/7/2015

    Works great ,little dust and good price
  • Great product By G-Money on 2/12/2015

    I Have ben using this forever and i love it it works great.
  • Good Carbon By Keith on 2/2/2015

    I like the Lignite large particle as it's not as aggressive as the ROX. Great price, I buy in bulk.
  • Once I got the reactor tuned in, just great By japicka on 1/26/2015

    I had my reactor input turned up a bit too much and it was tumbling like crazy with the GFO which was grinding it to dust. That made the water hazy, and turned my filter sock gray. Once I readjusted everything and got the flow right, water became crystal clear in less than 4 hours. Great stuff.
  • Great value By Jason on 1/8/2015

    Pound for pound this is a great bargain for carbon. It works well, my water is crystal clear. I don't use a reactor so the larger particle size is what I want. I expected it to be dusty, but I wasn't quite prepared for it to be this dusty. The rinse water ran solid black for a long time. I took more than 30 minutes and who knows how many gallons of water before I felt comfortable putting it in my sump.
  • Best carbon By brian on 11/15/2014

    Best carbon to buy. Is it really needed over the mid grade not sure. But if you got the extra money why not.
  • Great stuff By Bill on 11/11/2014

    Works great to clear up occasional clouding
  • Economical/easy to use By IdahoReefer on 8/18/2014

    I Like the particle size.
  • Never knew it until I saw the results By Kenneth on 8/14/2014

    I actually cannot believe how well this product works. If you were using other carbon before, you may wonder what exactly using this type will do for you. That's how I felt, I just knew I needed to give it a try as I did not like using other brands that were not easy to discern what quality I was getting.

    Turns out, you can really see the difference. I noticed the water clarity becoming better than I ever thought or realized how bad it had gotten. Very easy to use, highly recommend to anyone.

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