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Watts Pressure Reducing Valve

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Watts Pressure Reducing Valve

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  • A necessary purchase By Dan on 8/28/2014

    I didn't want change my homes water pressure. This product allowed me to lower PSI for my RODI system between 75 and 80 psi. I recommend testing the line you want to use for your RODI that way will know if you need this water pressure regulator or a booster pump. If your water pressure is over 90 psi buy this product. So before you buy an RODI system test your water pressure first. I would buy another just incase.
  • Works great By Kenneth on 8/9/2013

    I had no real issue with this except the fittings I got from Lowes the threaded part was to long to seat properly and had to go to a Local Hardware store to find shorter ones now it works great, I needed this because I live in a Small town surrounded by a larger city but we have our own water supply that is gravity fed 4-5 PSI max so I had to install a whole home booster pump that shuts off at 100-110 PSI I set the regulator at 60 PSI to protect the RO system I purchased here! even if I could control the pumps computer shut off PSI (They Forgot that feature) I would still use this as a redundant protection.
  • Does exactly as it states By Todd on 3/10/2012

    The pressure in my old house was 105 psi and my RO will only handle 90 . It dropped the pressure with a very easy adjustment and kept the adjustment The whole time I needed it . I never needed to fuss with it.Great Product!!
  • hard to find pressure reducing valve By Jeffrey on 10/17/2010

    Works good, seems a little pricey, but a lot cheaper than having a plumber install a house pressure reducing valve! Very useful for reducing pressure on equipment that can't handle high static pressures, ie: RO/DI, Kalk reactors, etc.. Wish it had a pressure gauge built in to help with adjustments instead of having to get a separate gauge.
  • Works grea when you need to lower preasure of RO/DI By Ryan on 2/28/2010

    Nice product, but wish it had a bit more flow through. Before installing this valve 100psi was the norm but now 50psi is all i can get, but it does make the system work good.

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