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Mr. Chili Mixing Jug – Clear 1 Gallon Jug

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Mr. Chili Mixing Jug – Clear 1 Gallon Jug

SKU: 200111
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  • good By guy on 4/24/2015

    Good for just about anything you need for a gallon of waterever!
  • Great but for one thing. By Jonathan on 4/13/2015

    They are nice and sturdy and great to use, but there should be a marking on the side that shows where the one gallon level is.
  • Geat Product By Dan on 1/20/2015

    Bought three of these for Mag., Alk., and Calcium. Like the fact that they are clear, makes it easy to see the fluid volume and whether they need a little mixing.
  • Excellent mixing jugs By chromiumlux on 1/19/2015

    Heavy duty. These work great for all my mixixng needs.
  • Less is more By Chris on 4/23/2013

    Would prefer no labels on the jug, and a return to caps witch can be written on. I currently peel off the labels, and the marks I put on the lids constantly smudges off. Anoying.
  • Yep its a jug By Joe on 3/23/2013

    Use the wide mouth for mixing and these for storage. Trust me BTDT.... been there done that. Try dumping 2 cups of material in a gallon jug, ain't happening. Funnel you say...not when short on time. Buy some bulk GFO or carbon from these guys for a nice mixing jug when it's empty, mix your chem and store it in these gallon jugs n your ready to go.
  • Works well By Shane on 4/24/2012

    I use these for mixing and storing of calc,alk,mag ! Price was fair and they have held up fairly well so far ! I like the really clear feature !!
  • Good but needs clarification By Adrian on 12/5/2011

    I use the two part jugs and for a very long time had assumed that the entire jug made up 1 gallon of liquid - this is incorrect.

    I measured 16 cups of liquid and poured it into the jug and in reality, 1 gallon of liquid comes to just near the handle portion - not the top of the jug.

    Just FYI
  • great By christopher on 9/20/2011

    hold the mix well and stores easy
  • Great By Brian on 6/2/2011

    Great that you sell these. I got 2 with my 2 part kit so I can mix 24 hrs before I need and the just replace the two I have rinse and repeat. My tank never goes with out Alk and Calcium

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