Space Saver Jug – Thin 4 Liter (1.05 Gallon)

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Space Saver Jug – Thin 4 Liter (1.05 Gallon)

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  • Awesome! By Ky on 1/15/2015

    I couldn't ask for a better product. These things are supper skinny and can hold an entire gallon of dosing solution. I have these up on a shelf but would easily fit inside your nano stand. It even has a handle and a grip handle to use when you pour. Best thing I've purchased in a while.
  • Great Product By mattg on 9/23/2014

    I'm using this to hold my 2 part solution and they are great space savers. They fit inside my stand
  • Great space saver By Jonathan on 9/1/2014

    I'm using this to hold my 2 part solution and they are great space savers. They fit inside my stand but I decided to place them behind my couch and they fit just right.
  • Think your cabinet is full? Think again!!! By Louis on 7/14/2014

    My cabinet under my 75G tank is so full I didn't think I could fit another thing in there. I even bought these jugs thinking they may not fit but they fit perfect!! They tuck neatly between my sump and cabinet wall. I simply drilled a hole through the cap and my 2 part dosing is running perfectly. Now I have 1 gallon in the cabinet and 1 gallon on stand by of Alkalinity and Calcium.

    If you are buying the 2 part dosing system this is a must add to your order.
  • Perfect size By Rodney on 6/3/2014

    Bought two of these jugs as a part of my 2-part dosing system, these jugs are very compact and can be stored side-by-side behind my stand.

    Should have bought a 3rd one for dosing Mg.

  • Great jug! By Steven on 5/14/2014

    Great jug for dosing. Perfect fit for the 1/4 push connect bulkhead tank adapter. The space between the top handle and the mouth of the jug is perfect size. Have this set up with a piece of 1/4 acrylic tube just before the bottom. Then run to the BRS doser. Very professional look.
  • Great Product By 915mang on 5/6/2014

    I have this in my system to dose Kalkwasser. It's a better option than putting it into you ATO. It give you more control and less chance of a disaster! Jug is solid, not cheaply made. I would like a tube to reach the bottom of this jug. Only because it is pretty tall. Other than that great product
  • Great for 2 Part By Chris on 5/4/2014

    Purchased 2 of these for dosing 2 part in the 120. The small footprint is great for stashing in the corner of the stand. As a simple jug it serves it's purpose well.

    The only issue I've had is the doser tubing likes it curl up inside the jug instead of going down to the bottom. I've tried to find a way to fix this with no luck so far other than keeping the jug more than 1/4 full. BRS should sell a cap a plastic rod attached going down to the bottom of the jug to hold the flexible tubing in place.

    Regardless would recommend these to anyone looking to save stand space!
  • Great Product! By Mako417 on 3/24/2014

    Worked Perfectly under my 34gal Cube for dosing 2 part. Not much space in stand and these "Space Savers" were just what the doctor ordered. Good Product and Good Price
  • nice! By Kris on 3/18/2014

    I like these jugs, the can fit almost anywhere. Very pleased.

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