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Lignite carbon
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  • Lignite carbon

BRS Bulk Small Particle Lignite
Aquarium Carbon

  • For the price it is great! By Nicholas on 3/25/14

    the price is great and it lasts fairly long. i have it running with GFO in the BRS reactor and i change it every month. works well for me!
  • love it By harry on 2/26/14

    low dust,works great, cannot think of one complaint
  • Great product By Michael on 12/31/13

    It does require a large amount of pre-rinsing with DI water prior to using. It normally removes all particles in the tank in a 1-2 day time frame.
  • excellent product By rob on 10/5/13

    works great at keeping the water clear
  • Lignite Carbon By J on 10/5/13

    So far so good. Small particle Lignite carbon has made my water crystal clear. Great product.
  • Good Price, Good Product. By cwagner on 8/26/13

    Clears my water right up. works great in BRS reactor. Kinda dusty but they warn you about that.
  • works great with caution By Dwilk on 7/16/13

    Works great at making your water sparkle. But will probably give your fish HLLE (Head and Lateral Line Erosion)
  • Cost Effective! By Eric on 7/5/13

    Have tried the Rox but have settled on this carbon option. It's the most cost effective carbon solution IMO.
  • Works in BRS reactor By Vincent on 4/14/13

    product works well in BRS reactor
  • Great reeling product! By Felixpaws on 3/13/13

    The small size has more surface area for adsorption, and fills the space better, than the large granule. Works well, in reef environments, with little rinsing required.

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