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Replacement Metering Pump for Tunze Osmolator 5000.02

SKU: 202312

  • Not ment for a larger aquarium By jason on 4/10/14

    It has almost been a year now and i just had to order my third replacement pump for this system. I have a 225 gallon display tank and a 75 gallon sump for my system and my tank evaporates around 3-5 gallons a day. I have my controller set to turn on the ATO every 1.5 hours otherwise the pump kicks on every few minutes. Would be nice to get a little more time out of the pumps other than 3-4 months.
  • Defective By Vance on 1/22/14

    Did not work, sent back. Bulk Reef Supply has been great with customer service. They go above and beyond and will send new one.
    I highly recommend Bulk Reef Supply, but not this product.
  • Happier than before By Sergio on 12/2/13

    This is ther first replacement pump for my tuze ATO system and Im happy because its quiet and efficient.
  • Just for precaution. By Melvin on 8/19/13

    I bought one for back-up because I see a lot of folks say theirs died. I have mine running for over a year but just in case. I got it covered.

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