Replacement Metering Pump for Tunze Osmolator 5000.02

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Replacement Metering Pump for Tunze Osmolator 5000.02

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  • Just in case!! By on 10/17/2016

    I'm replacing my three year old pump, it still works but it's starting to make alittle more noise so for $20 I'm changing it and keep the other for a spare, never a problem with this ato!!!
  • Quality at a great price. Always have a spare By on 9/14/2016

    The Tunze ATO is the best ATO on the market and it's always good to have a spare pump on hand, because for the price, you ant afford not to.
    All around quality and easy to swap out/install. Small, quiet pump but still really strong.
  • When you need to replace your Osmolator pump ... By on 4/25/2016

    This is a cheap, easy replacement.
  • Good experience despite what some other people have said. By on 3/16/2016

    I'm still on my first pump that came with my osmolator, and it's been running for almost a year sucking kalk probably everyday in pretty much the most extreme situation possible for an ATO pump. I will happily buy a replacement before it quits just to have it on hand.
  • Great product! By on 12/8/2015

    Bought ato on EBay, so when pump failed I was out of luck with tunze directly. Customer service at tunze was fantastic through reef2reef forum. I'm quite sure had I purchased new, he would have just sent me a new pump immediately.
    I love this ato and I am not sure how I lived without it for so many years.
  • great stuff By on 12/7/2015

    I decided to buy this as a back up. My original one is still kickin after 4+ years .
  • Great! By on 12/7/2015

    Pump is super quiet an real easy to set up.....just using with ato not dosing so it works awesome
  • Burn out By on 8/17/2015

    I ordered one of these after my first pump quit around month 2. Now this one has quit as well in less than 2 months. I love the ATO but these pumps are junk.
  • Nice; when it works By on 7/23/2015

    The only weak link in the whole TUNZE system. TUNZE osmolator is the absolute best and reliable ATO system out there which is the only reason I put up with the pump that is less than desirable as far as reliability. If they fix this issue, they will own the ATO market.
  • Works By on 3/28/2015

    The replacement pump I received works and the pump was the problem. The reason I rate this 3 stars is that my first pump lasted one year and there is no way to open this pump up to see if the pump can be easily fixed.... Seems the mfg did this purposely in order to sell pumps after the sale of the ATO unit.