Aqua Lifter Vacuum Pump

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Aqua Lifter Vacuum Pump

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  • Good ato pump By on 6/5/2017

    Great pump for the price. Use this pump as my ato pump.
  • Workhorse By on 3/8/2017

    I have two of these. One is my ATO pump and the other runs constantly to maintain a siphon in my external overflow. Quiet and looks easy to fix if the diaphragm fails.
  • Great product By on 3/7/2017

    I have always used this pump for auto top off purposes. Not too far in the future I hope to use it as a doser as well!
  • Works great By on 3/6/2017

    I bought this as a spare since my original unit is more than a year old. The reviews last year were sporadic. So far the original has worked flawlessly.
  • Works great By on 2/5/2017

    This pump is connected to my reefkeeper controller and works well. Quite and great price. Feels like a quality unit
  • So many uses By on 10/5/2016

    Used these for years, they are great. One of these on a timer works perfectly as an auto-topoff. Also great for keeping the siphon on overflow boxes.
  • Great ATO pump By on 4/5/2016

    I bought this pump to use with my Hydor ATO and it works great. Fills slowly which is perfect, as I use it to dose Kalk in my top off water. I purchased this with the ATO kit from BRS and everything worked out great.
  • Positive Review By on 2/16/2016

    I am using this with the JBJ ATO pumping up about 3.5 feet. I would highly recommend that you place your air line tubing into a larger tube that will allow air to get into. Doing this will greatly reduce your chance of creating a syphon if using this pump with an ATO. The pump is a little slow and I did have to bump up the time on the JBJ ATO. But overall it is doing exactly what it is supposed to be doing.
  • Very reliable By on 12/19/2015

    I did alot of research on pumps that I didn't have to pump in my ato bucket this one you can out anywhere its not real powerful but it does as advertised and for the price you can't beat it
  • Great cost effective pump By on 8/15/2015

    Great little pump. I have it hooked up to a JBJ ato controller, and the controller plugged in to my Neptune Apex. Apex is set to turn outlet on for 13 minutes, then off for 1 minute. This gets around the auto shutoff feature after 14 minutes of runtime on the JBJ controller, as well as resetting the JBJ controller to ensure it runs. Google the JBJ controller to understand these limitations before you buy it.
    It took me a weekend to figure out this combination, but it has run flawlessly since. It effectively keeps 150 gallons topped off.