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New Life Spectrum Thera+A Fish
Anti-Parasitic Formula

  • My Fish Love This By Adam on 3/14/2014

    I have a clownfish and a royal gramma. They both loves this food.
  • This is the best by far!!! By Avenger2002 on 6/26/2013

    I bought this fish food because i was having problems with ich almost every month. I don't like using too many chemical, so I did my homework and found this product. It is by far the best fish food on the market. Not only has my fish not had ich for the past 3 months but their colors are unbelievable. I highly recommend using this product if you want your fish to be at their best!
  • My fish love this stuff By Nick on 4/3/2013

    Same as the normal NLS pellets, my fish love these.
  • Highly recommended! Great fish food, brings the colors out of the fish By Justin on 4/1/2013

    My fish love this stuff, even the clean shrimp and snails come out and up when I drop it in. This is the best dry fish food, my friend bought some other stuff and I gave him some of this and his fish liked this stuff much better.
  • great product By Tim on 3/11/2013

    My fish like it just fine. i started with the regular N.L.S. food so my inmates were used to the food style and size. the eat the thera-a almost as well. Truely love new life products.
  • Great sinking pellet food By Scott on 12/27/2012

    I have been feeding this to my fish since 2004. I have never had a case of ich or any other disease. In addition my fish eat every pellet.
  • really helps out with ich By evan on 9/9/2012

    my fish are healthier and have less ich after using this
  • Great fish food By Jeff on 6/1/2012

    My fish loves this stuff !and it's a great feeling to know that I am doing my best to keep them healthy thanks brs
  • Good food, good fish By Martin on 1/10/2012

    This is a high quality fish food that the fish just love. I like the fact that this can serve as a baseline diet with the addition of some veggies and occasional frozen food. In fact, the spectrum products were mentioned in a reef care textbook as a recommended product even though the author generally refused to recommend any specific brands.
  • Happy fishes By Jose Manuel on 11/24/2011

    I have an automatic feeder on my tank and it never clogs with this food. Stays dry, my fish love it, and they look colorful and happy.

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