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New Life Spectrum Marine Fish Formula 1mm Sinking Pellets

  • very good food! By Ryan on 7/8/2014

    i use new life spectrum with most of my fish and have noticed EXTREME results! I love it! my only beep is that it sinks very fast but hey, maybe you have aggressive mid column feeders, then it would be perfect! Even corals love it! you always you know you have good food when it smells good and it smells like seafood and garlic! YUM lol! overall it is some of the best on the market! i guarantee you wont regret it!
  • Appears to be a Good Food - Sinks too quickly By Adam on 5/6/2014

    So its tough to review food...since I am not eating it. My fish eat it, although smaller fish spit it back out and have to eat it several times before they keep it. The pellets sink after about 5-7 seconds in the water. I would have hoped that they would have a bit more air in them to hold on for a while before falling in. Not horrible, but a little annoying.
  • Must have By waterflyer on 4/26/2014

    These pellets are an essential part of any good fish diet. All of my fish love them, one of my yellow tangs does not eat them, however. She's a picky eater. Great product. Only takes a little, lasts a long time.
  • Good By Matt on 4/17/2014

    Fish loved it but it doesn't sink fast enough.
  • Fish Love It By Jon on 3/21/2014

    There is not a whole lot to say but my fish love it. They are the only dry pellet I will buy.
  • Great food By Reefer Mike on 2/26/2014

    I use this mainly for my 24 gallon nano tank and my fish love it. The clown fish have been eating this for almost 4 years now. They have gotten bigger and more colorful. I think a lot of the success has to do with this food. Good product.
  • Great Food By Corey on 2/11/2014

    My fish love this food. It has some of the best ingredients used. The color enhancing properties are an added bonus with the other pellets I use.
  • Great product By Wilfredo on 1/21/2014

    My fishes loved this product and come out from hiding every time I approach the tank. I am a believer.
  • Great Product By den on 1/13/2014

    Fish love it! They go crazy every time it's dropped in the tank.
  • Awesome stuff By Kevin on 12/2/2013

    awesome food to say the least. bought this for my new clown fish who are slightly bigger than a big toe nail. its still a tad big for there tiny mouths but I can work wit it a little and make it the size they need. another month and I don't think I'll need to do anything. Again the pellets are small, sink fast, and stay together. not to mention everyone in the tank loves them. you can smell the seafood packed into them. Wont buy another bran for regular feedings.

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