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Reef Fanatic Level Controller
Auto Top Off

SKU: 202308

  • manufacturer support By Chip on 4/19/2012

    I received the level controller and it failed a couple of times. I called Bulk Reef supply and was told that this has never happened so it must be the way I had it setup. I followed the very easy manufacturer instructions exactly. BRS supply told me that wasn't the way I wanted it setup. Sure it was, that is why I did it that way. I heard some of the strangest excuses I have ever heard. Once BRS found out that I wasn't buying those reason, they did give me the number to reef fanatic. I called the number and they were very friendly. Turns out the way I had it set was correct and the plunger can be operated with your finger and should work. It doesn't need the back pressure of the water as I was told. There was something wrong with the unit. I shipped the unit back to reef fanatic for testing or replacement. They tested it and felt that the unit was okay, but since they only tested it very little they sent me a new one anyway that they started testing for me from the start. I got a new unit that they tested for 5 days. I plugged it in to my system and is working great. I would not hesitate to buy this product. The customer support I got from reef fanatic was top notch. BRS did hand me off to them to get me taken care of so I have no issues with that part of their support either.
  • Failed By Aqualund on 11/12/2011

    deriana barristers
  • Failed By Aqualund on 11/12/2011

    No issues for 12 months. just failed yesterday (the controller)
  • Reliable By Dave on 9/17/2011

    I've used one of these for almost 10 years. It's never let me down (I did have to replace a float switch once).
    I made brackets out of a strip of acrylic that I heated and bent like a hook and attached the floats with nylon bolts as the suction cups will eventually fail. The bracket is adjustable just by drilling different holes--pretty easy.
  • Awesome By Daniel R on 5/19/2011

    this unit is excellent supersensitive. I paired it up with a valve on a timer in my planted tank and now i dont even have to do water changes. once a day i drain 5percent and then it automatically refills its awesome!!!
  • Good quality, suspect mounting By Phil on 5/14/2011

    Nice product built very well. Suction cup mount leaves you with having to resort to having both floats in the sump due to mounting concerns. Silicone will eliminate this concern but a sliding hang on bracket would take this product to the next level.
  • Just Awesome By Todd on 5/4/2011

    This is one of the best purchases I've made for my tank. It is super reliable, and eliminates the hassle of topping off your sump manually. I got it because I was leaving for vacation for a week and I've been SO happy that I did. Try to pair this ATO unit with an Aqua Lifter Vacuum Pump found at this link:
  • Makes your aquarium enjoyable! By JASON on 7/14/2010

    Since adding this I've enjoyed my reef a lot more. I glued my floats to mag floats to move the floats around and are more dependable then the suction cups.
  • Quick shipping quality product By Al on 2/25/2010

    Very pleased with the quality. I have been using a competitors expensive unit.This one is as good possibly better than the other units.
    Service was excellent. I received the unit 2 days after placing order.
    Would highly recommend
  • Why didn't I think of this before? By Robert on 2/25/2010

    Have you ever tried to build your own? I have built a few in the past myself. BUT, not anymore after I found this product. It's very simple to setup, works great and by the time you collect all the parts you will need for DIY you will be very, very close $$$ to the the sale price if this unit.

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