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Refractometer for Reading Salinity with Calibration Fluid

SKU: 205171

  • Definitely a must have! By dale on 4/21/14

    I love this thing!
    I have been burned so many times by the float units.
    This is definitely the way to go, and this device is high quality!
    very nice!
  • Easy to read By John on 4/21/14

    Easy to use and read only takes seconds to determine your salinity.
  • Good Refractometer, Case Ok By Ben on 4/17/14

    This Refractometer is good to me. It may not be a high end Refractometer but it does it's job. As long as you calibrate it before each use your good. The case for it feels cheap though. As far as the Refractometer itself, it's easy to read & to calibrate. Would recommend to anyone looking to buy one for either their first time or buying another for a spare.
  • All around great value By Matt on 4/17/14

    Unless you plan on rinsing your "fill up hydrometer" with RO every time you use it, I recommend picking up one of these. Easy to use with accurate results. I will never reef without one again
  • A must have for any reef keeper. By Matt on 4/16/14

    Very good quality, easy to calibrate and use.
    I can't be more happy with the accurate readings it gives every time.
  • Better than Digital By Brian B on 4/15/14

    As the owner of a large aquarium service company (Advanced Aquarium) i have owned and destroyed 4 of the Green digital refracts. What Ive found is that about 12 months they start drifting even immediately after calibration and become inaccurate. I much the old school refracts the have better longevity and are 1/4 the price.
  • Don't Even Bother With a Hydrometer By Jordan on 4/13/14

    For those who are newer to the reefing experience and try to save a few bucks by getting a hydrometer instead of a refractometer (such as I had once thought), your wrong. This is much more accurate and reliable. You don't have to make sure that the air bubbles arent stuck to the bottom of the float lever that mess up the readings and then having the lever get stuck in position after using. You save money in the long run by having more accurate salinity readings and saving livestock than by purchasing cheap equipment. Plus you feel like an astronomer when looking through the lens (this part should be included in the product description).
  • Works Great By Benjamin on 4/10/14

    I check to see if it needs calibration every few times i use it, and haven't had to in the few months I've been using it.
  • Never Use a Hydrometer Again! By Brittany on 4/9/14

    I think pretty much anyone who is starting out in this hobby has at one point used a swing arm hydrometer not even knowing something like this exists. I tested my salinity with this and wasn't really surprised that it was off by .02. Do yourself and your tank a favor and get one of these and never look back.
  • Very easy By Ryan on 4/7/14

    I am new to the saltwater game and never used a refractometer before but it couldn't be simpler and at about $25 less than my LFS which didn't have the calibration fluid.

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