Elos Calcium Aqua Test Kit

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Elos Calcium Aqua Test Kit

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  • Elos that should say enough By on 10/17/2013

    You have to love Elos products. Not one complaint here. Very accurate.
  • Accurate By on 11/28/2012

    This test makes monitoring your CA easy. I love the quick reference guide. And with Elos, you know the quality and accuracy is there.
  • Easy to read and use By on 2/9/2012

    Very easy to read and use. Test was simple and did not take long. I felt it was accurate.
  • Excellent Product By on 12/20/2011

    I have used the Salifert Ca test kit for years. Two things have always bothered me. First, I never felt that I could consistently use the scoop and get the same amount of reagent for Part A. Second, the dropper for Part B was very hard to use and inconsistent. It took a lot of pressure to squeeze and the drop sizes did not seem to be the same. Sometimes I would get an extra drop because I had to squeeze so hard, and would then have to start the test over again. Because of these two factors, I was never certain I had the proper reagent mix.

    The Elos test kit corrects both of these problems. The spoon for the powdered reagent is much better. Similarly, the dropper bottles make consistent drops, and are easy to squeeze. I am a little disappointed that you can only tell your Ca level to the nearest ten points, but that is close enough in all reality.

    Will use this product from now on
  • My preferred calcium test kit! By on 9/6/2011

    Go with Elos and you won't regret it. I;ve used many kits in the past (Salifert, API, Lamotte) to test for calcium and this is my favorite. Highly accurate droppers, high contrast titration color change, and the ability to choose 50 ppm or 10 ppm increments make this a winner in my humble opinion.
  • Easy and Accurate By on 7/15/2011

    Kit is easy to use and easy to replicate results. Also has dropper bottles that seem to work better than other kits.
  • Excellent By on 6/24/2011

    The best I ever used. Very precise and easy to use. Color changes very easy to see during testing. I like that you can do an exact reading or a general range too.
  • Very Accurate By on 6/17/2011

    These test kits might be a little more spendy then others but as long as you follow the multiple steps they are very accurate and color change very precise.
  • Easy to use By on 4/14/2011

    This is my first Ca test kit. There are several steps to obtain the proper readings. The test kit is very straight forward and easy to use as long as you follow the directions. Color changes are distinct. Well worth knowing what your Ca levels are.
  • It has a couple extra steps but is accurate By on 12/8/2010

    If you want to know your exact calcium reading you cannot beat this kit. goes on a scale of 10 and the color change is very distinct. There are 4 parts to the kit, a lot more than the API and such but it is worth it.