FM-2: Filter Monitor with Volumizer - HM Digital

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FM-2: Filter Monitor with Volumizer - HM Digital

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  • Great tool to monitor your Filter usage By Xavier on 11/21/2015

    Just make sure that everything is connected prior to Battery install. if not the voluminizer will not show on screen, I lost 20 min realizing that ! (stupid of me)
  • Save money By Jose on 1/19/2015

    Great add on works perfectly
  • Just a counter By Paul on 10/22/2014

    I wish these were cheaper as I only use them to count gallons. I put 2 of them on, one before my filters and one after my RO membrane. It's perfect as it tells me how much water I've made, how much water I've used, so I know my ratio, and when I need to change out my filters and gives me an idea of how much water I've sent through my resin so I have an idea of when to change it. Works for me.
  • an item to keep you on point By turbotone on MR on 1/15/2014

    this item is great for a forgetful person.. if this is you get this item!! lol its me for sure but how it benefits you is by monitoring the gallons you use on some of the filters rather then time.. i own a 5 stage system (pre filter, chloraplus carbon filter, matrix carbon filter, 75 gpd membrane and 75 gpd membrane with 2 di stages that i don't monitor because i can visible see and i also have dual tds meter monitoring both of them) pre filters i would change every three months and carbons every 6 months as a rule of thumb.. with this system you change pre filters every 3000,carbon every 6 months membranes are on a time schedule of every 36 months.. i haven't changed my pre filter yet and its been 6 months..just got to the 1200 gallon mark. it makes sense bc I'm running a 75 gallon mixed reef with a 30 sump. i do a 10 gallon water change per week and fill up my 10 gallon ato tank at the same time using about 9 gallons per week total use about 20 gallons a week… i use to do 20 gallon water changes a week at first… keep in mind i have it monitoring after the booster pump but before the very first filter… definitely an investment long term due to the savings in just filter use.
  • Looks good By BobbyT on 12/8/2013

    I think this is a very important device to install on any RO unit.
    Everything is working great so far
  • I would highly recommend for someone that has muliple statages of filter to change a different times. By Kenneth on 11/9/2013

    i highly recommend this tool. It helps to keep track of how much water you are going through, so no more guessing on when to change the filter or how much life you got out of the filter. You can setup a separate checker for each of your stages. I have color changing DI so i know when it needs to be changed, but I still like to know how many gallon of DI water was produced so that I can keep track of my expenses and how the system is functioning.
  • DOA By Russel on 10/29/2013

    The unit has two modes - timer and volumizer. Obviously the more desirable function for the price is the volumizer. Unfortunately the unit I received never detects any flow rate. I was able to get it to detect the flow meter by reinserting the battery - but no matter where I put the unit on my RODI system, it never detects any flow. I even tried blowing air into the flow meter just to ensure the impeller worked - heard it spin, but no reading. Contacted manufacturer to see what the next steps are.... probably going to have to pay return shipping.
  • Awesome Customer Service By Cody on 6/29/2013

    I just installed this today and so far it works as advertised. I spent a while on this site figuring out what the recommended filter change out intervals were and had it all written down ready to program into the volumizer. When I turned it on I found out that it had been pre-programmed to exactly match the chloramines RO system that I had previously ordered. Excellent customer service, above and beyond what I would have reasonably expected.
  • Great little helper. By Troy on 2/27/2013

    I bought a deluxe RO system that had this monitor. It difinitely takes the guess work of when to change filters. fairly easy to use, but the mounting system needs improvement. It uses velcro to mount it and the Velcro goes across the back of the unit which is where the battery cover is, so when you pull the unit off, it tends to pull the battery cover off too. A bracket like on the deluxe dual TDS unit ( or any type of bracket) has would be so much better. Still, a nice addition to any RO system.
  • I have 2 !! By Al on 1/28/2013

    One of these came with my 6 stage value system, but I wanted to know what my rejection rate was, so I bought a 2nd one to count the gallons going into my system. Now I just write down the 2 numbers (water in & product water out) and I can calculate my rejection rates - as well as understand my impact to the water bill. Both units didn't start counting gallons until I pulled the batteries and reset it. Not sure what was causing that, but no issues after that.

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