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  • BRS Dry Live Rock

BRS Fiji Dry Aquarium Live Rock
(Sold by the Pound)

SKU: 000700

  • Beautiful pieces, wide array of shapes and sizes making for perfect aquascapes, packed extremely well. By MatraD on 4/8/14

    When I decided to start a new build - I have to say, rock was one of the most important factors. You read so much stuff on the Internet nowadays - that I decided to call BRS up and talk about what I wanted. I have always liked the Fiji rock - so I went with 125lbs and added some tonga for shelf pieces. Truly each piece of dry Fiji had more than one "face" I wanted to show. All in all, I buy all my stuff from BRS - if you te having doubts with rock, go with the Fiji, you will NOT be disappointed - or call them up - they are more than happy to help.
  • Met expectations By Ryan on 4/7/14

    Thought that i might have had all I needed with the Pukani rock that came in before this Fiji, boy was I wrong. Combining the two types of rock I made a great landscape even better and more stable.
  • great rock and great pieces! By Ryan on 2/8/14

    I ordered 30 lbs of rock for a 40g reef I am starting. perfect amount or rock and it looks amazing. They did a great job of sending a few larger pieces mixed with some smaller ones to really create a nice looking aquascape. will buy again for my next build!
  • Great Rock, False Promises!! By DirkShaw on 1/14/14

    My order was for 300 pounds of rock, I specifically requested that all pieces be as large as possible, no small pieces!! After being promised that they would hand select my pieces I felt confident I would get what I ordered. When my order arrived, to my disappointment I open up the boxes and found the rock in varying sizes with a lot of smaller to medium-size pieces and not the larger that I requested.
    As for the rock itself, I am very happy with the rock, the quality and shapes are awesome for up aqua-scraping! Great rock but poor customer service on following through with a promise!
  • Love this Rock! By Jennifer on 1/13/14

    Great pieces of Rock. Came with some dried Coralline Algae on it.
    I ordered 15 lbs, and received more than that. Probably about 18-20lbs.
    I just placed a second order of this rock, another 10 lbs.
  • Astonishing By Juan on 10/27/13

    I am completely blown away at what a nice deal this is! The rock is absolutely beatiful! I was anxious about the wait but after I received it, I don't care how long I have to wait not to put it in my aquarium. Just being able to see it on a daily basis and know that one day it will go into my tank is more than enough. Check out my youtube review as well at . BRS you have a customer for life!!! Thank you!
  • Good addition to my past dry rock purchase. By James on 10/3/13

    I just recently added this rock to a previous purchase of the bulk 50 lbs. and now have a very nice aqua scape again hitch hiker free and more rock for the money. I love the quality of this rock, shape and size. Great alternative if you don't have a local reef shop. No mandatory over night shipping required.
  • Great rock By William on 7/23/13

    I purchased 50 lbs when I needed to add more rock to my tank which originally had very little to begin with, mainly what rock I had left over from previous tanks. I have give or take 80lbs of live rock in my 110gal tall fish only tank. It could use more, but for now what I have does the trick. I definitely plan on purchasing more Fiji live rock from BRS in the future.
  • Great Product By Jason on 6/23/13

    Fish love it! No pests. Great Product!
  • Order By Sneakyfire on 6/6/13

    Great company fast shipping thank you

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