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BRS Fiji Dry Live Rock

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  • BRS Dry Live Rock

BRS Fiji Dry Live Rock

SKU: 000700
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  • Great quality @ great price By Ray on 2/20/2015

    Great variety of sizes and shapes. Packaged very well - surrounded by a LOT of foam peanuts. Minimal breakage of very small pieces.
  • Nice Rock. By Justin on 2/16/2015

    Product arrived as described extremely fast due BRS's very prompt shipping. While I think I like their Pukani rock better it is merely a matter of preference. This rock definitely served it's purpose and was affordable. I ordered 18 lbs and was able to use it all for the 20 gallon long aquarium I am setting up for an angler display tank.
  • WOW By Jeffrey on 2/15/2015

    VERY HAPPY with this rock. First ever reef tank, and went back and forth with live or dry.. glad I chose dry and glad I chose BRS ! Great selection of shapes and sizes.. hardly any rubble and some rocks exhibiting great colors. Curing in a bin of salt water now, can't wait to get them in the tank ! Thanks BRS !
  • Great fiji rock By jent on 2/10/2015

    It was exactly the shapes and sizes I was hoping for. I plan to use them as foundation rock, and I am very happy that I got some decent sized pieces.
  • Great Rock, Great Sizes By Chris on 2/10/2015

    I ordered 35 lbs of rock and it came in a nice assortment of sizes. There was nothing too small and nothing too big. This happened to be the perfect amount of rock for my 36 gallon display tank. Rock is nicely packaged and it didn't take much to clean them pretty well. Good Stuff. Great Price
  • Great Rock By bl95 on 2/1/2015

    This is my first experience with Live Rock and I didn't know what to expect. This rock came packed well, very little rubble and/or dead material, and the pieces were the perfect size I needed. Looks great with plenty of nooks and cranny's for fish to swim in and out of, and for coral.
  • Best I've seen in a long time By MKaplan on 1/20/2015

    This is some fantastic rock. Highly porous, comes in a variety of nice, interesting shapes and sizes. Perfect for aquascaping. Add just a little live rock to this and your tank will take off.
  • Great rock variety By Chris on 1/19/2015

    I ordered 100 pounds of Fiji about a year ago, when it arrived I was so happy to see the variety of sizes and shapes that came with my order. as a first time aqua scaper I was able to make some great formations in my tank and best of all, it wasn't just a pile of rocks! I will definitely stay with Fiji rock for my future tanks.
  • could tell it was hand picked for aquascaping By Dylan on 1/12/2015

    Really nice pieces of rock shipped very nicely. Good assortment of sizes, no massive pieces which is ok because i didnt want any really big ones. This was my first purchase from BRS, and i believe this is the first of many.

    Thanks BRS
  • Very nice rock By Dzerbato on 11/29/2014

    Great rock, nice mix of sizes. Fiji is my favorite rock and brs has nice stuff.

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