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BRS Top Off Doser – 50 mL per minute

SKU: 202319

  • Works great! By Brooks on 6/30/2014

    Got product installed mounted without any issues. A bit slower than I expected but does the job flawlessly. Have it hooked up through a Apex IO Breakout box.
  • Great ATO pump By Moni on 6/26/2014

    This pump has been a great ATO solution for me - the lack of siphon and ability to raise a good head let me put my reservoir in a closet, well away from my display tank. The previous aqua lifting pump I had used couldn't even get water raised from the floor into the tank, so I had to leave my ATO jug on a shelf or chair to give it a head start.

    I've been using this for a month now with no problems.
  • Overall good so far By Justin on 4/28/2014

    I bought the 50ml top off pump and won a pair of 1.1ml dosers so I am using all three for a couple months now. No complaints yet, a little noise but running in the basement offers no issues for me. I hope to get more than a year out of these otherwise I would have to agree with the others above. Limited lifetime doesn't sound too appealing but I like them so far.
  • don't buy. By mike d nyc on 3/19/2014

    i bought this pump to push RO/DI from my reservoir through a kalk-stirrer. a peristaltic pump with a regular rate connected to a controller seems like a safer choice than relying on a variable rate of evaporation dictating when and how much kalkwasser is introduced into my system which would have been the scenario if i just piggybacked the kalk-stirrer onto my level-sensing ato. the reasonable price and italian-origin of the pump made it easy to pull the trigger. and since many people might be considering this setup, i'll offer my experience as a warning:

    from the very beginning, the pump immediately made a moderate grinding noise when activated. within days, the noise had intensified some. i contacted BRS to ask if this was normal for this unit. the BRS rep asked if i'd been running the pump for extended periods of time... which i had not. he explained that this pump was meant to run for "30-40 minutes" at a clip. i'd never exceeded this runtime but after hearing this, i took note that the pump housing got very warm after a few minutes of use. the grinding noise continued to get worse and increased to the point where it was clearly audible over the other ambient sounds of my reef despite being buried inside a stand made of 3/4" plywood and lined with sound absorbing foam sheets. and so i arranged to exchange the pump for an identical replacement.

    the replacement pump makes a very loud "clunk" sound whenever it activates, but does not have the grinding sound of its predecessor. the clunk, however, is sufficient to cause featherdusters and coco worms to retract, startle my fish, and annoy my wife. also, it being unadvisable to run this pump for more than 30-40 minutes without a cooldown period made it insufficient for my needs.

    unfortunately, BRS says i'm past the 30-day return window and so i'm not eligible for a refund. i won't editorialize further except to say that despite being out $90, i'm going to throw this pump in the trash rather than risk using a product that doesn't do the job i require of it, and that i don't trust at all.

    i'm always optimistic when a manufacturer resists the urge to bang out junk in a chinese sweatshop - and i'm happy to pay more for a better product made by skilled workers earning a fair wage - but this pump and its replacement were completely useless.
  • Awesome so fa By Reefercraze83 on 3/12/2014

    This pump is working great so far. Minimal noise from gears. Much better than I was expecting from reading reviews prior to purchase. I use it as top off so it's precision does not need to be exact. But I love not having to top off by hand. We will see its longevity and hopefully my review will stand. Really easy to install.
  • Gears stripped. By Jon on 2/14/2014

    I like the pump but this is the second one I've owned in two years both of them the gears stripped out. The 1.1 ml pumps work Great had them for two years with no problems
  • Great Dosing System By Steve on 2/13/2014

    I bought 2 pumps and calibrated their flow at 1.2 ml/min each. They are working flawlessly.
  • Great Pumps Great Price By DIYReefer on 2/13/2014

    I really like these pumps for ATO on tanks up to 150 Gallons. Anything tanks larger than that with a lot of evaporation will work these pumps for hours. At least it did on my 700 gallon system.

    CON-- The last one I ordered did not have the mounting plate in the box. I contacted Customer Service and did not get a response back.
  • Pump Failed By Jason on 2/10/2014

    This is the second pump in less than 2 years. First one the gears stripped out on it. This one completely Froze on me. Haven't had time to take it apart yet.
    They Should last longer than 1 year. Guess I will look at a different brand
  • Good paired with my reefkeeper to ATO By Mtthbrook on 2/9/2014

    Working great to ATO with my reefkeeper I set it to run for 5 minutes once the switch calls for water. So far so good

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