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BRS 2 Part Doser – 1.1 mL per minute

SKU: 202317

  • Excellent dosing pump By Jonathan on 7/15/2014

    I have two of these for CAL& ALK. Makes life so easy for tank care. Necessary buy, do not know what I would do without one. Accurate and easy to install and use.
  • awesome By q on 7/15/2014

    brought 2 and working great. easy to set up
  • Easy setup, definitely worth it if your dosing daily By John on 7/6/2014

    Once my calcium uptake started to require me to dose daily, I purchased two dosing pumps for 2-part dosing. Easy setup, easy adjusting. I am using two electronic timers, dosing once a day during the night, separating the Ca and Alk dosing times by several hours. I test my Ca and Alk levels at water change times, but have found that I rarely need to adjust the pumps once they are dialed in.
  • Great dosing pumps! By Moni on 6/26/2014

    I got two of these a couple months ago, and they've been a great addition to my system. The pumps don't siphon, and can raise a good head of water with very consistent flow, which allowed me to put my dosing reservoirs in a closet away from my display tank. The dosing has been extremely consistent, making the water chemistry of my tank more stable than I ever thought it could be.

    Only problem was when I had a programming error with my controller, which left the pumps on for several hours and turned my tank into what looked like a bucket of milk. Certainly can't blame the pumps for that tho - they performed exactly as they should!
  • So far so good By eric on 5/30/2014

    Great pump for the money works great with the apex.
  • Very nice kit By dale on 4/21/2014

    I really like this product!
    They are high duality dosers and work great!
  • Bought 2, work great By trevor on 4/21/2014

    Used for dosing calcium and alkalinity. Easy to use and they have never failed. I really like how the tubing securely attaches to the pump. It keeps the tubing from falling off even though I have the pump hanging above my sump.
  • Works well By Gary on 4/13/2014

    Nice plug and play unit with my controller. Comes with everything you need.
  • Great Product By Satbert on 4/10/2014

    Great Product, works flawlessly and is robust !
  • Very Precise By John on 4/1/2014

    Got two of these units on my reef set up. One for Alk and one for Calcium. Wish i would have done it sooner. The dosers are precise and i never knew how annoying adding two part was till i didnt have to do it anymore! lol. Corals are responding great to the dependable dosings, the no longer suffer from me forgetting to supplement them.

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