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LiterMeter III Top-Off Control Module

SKU: 202303

  • Low Cost pressure switch for DIY level control By Mike on 3/17/2014

    I cannot speak to the effectiveness of this pressure switch when used with a Litermeter system. I purchased it to use as a high water level switch for my sump. It works great as a dry contact switch with Apex and ReefKeeper. Just clip off the 5.5mm plug, short the leads left on the plug and plug it into the jack on the switch housing. Now, just wire the long leads into your RKE or Apex breakout box and you are done!

    Please Note: If using this as ato level switch with a controller as I described above, It has about 3.5 inches of hysteresis from close to open so you may want to use two at staggered heights to "tune" the sensitivity of ATO. I would not recommend this because it uses two switch inputs instead of one and ends up costing as much as a leading pressure switch ATO system that has a +/- 1/4 inch sensitivity using only one pressure tube and one switch input. This is the only reason why I give it 4 out of 5 stars.
  • be careful to check the power plug on your litermeter first By drsalomon on 11/22/2013

    I purchased this unit but it does not work with my litermeter 3. It is very confusing because spectrapure changed the power input plug that exists on the litermeter that this TCM must connect to. I incorrectly assumed that my generation 6 (latest generation model) would have the most recent power plug. The old style power plug looks like a mini headphone jack. The new power plug is a more standard round hollow plug you see attached to most power bricks. If you have the headphone plug style 12V connector, BRS does not sell the TCM that works with this and you need to go directly to spectrapure. I was able to exchange the TCM I bought from BRS with the old style TCM by contacting spectrapure sales support. The current litermeter 3 manual for the units with the new style plugs has pictures of the old style units making it even more confusing to know that their are different plugs on the currently shipping units.
  • works great but not on older model LiterMeters By Great product/ make sure you have the right model Litermeter on 3/11/2013

    I have one of these on my 7 year old LeterMeter 3 I needed a new one so I ordered this as a replacement.

    Just an FYI These do not work with the old model litermeters( With the plastic head) They have changes the connection on the newer models

    Had to send it back. Greatt product though and works perfectly as long as you get the right one.

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