Easy Blade Algae Scraper - Algae Free

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Easy Blade Algae Scraper - Algae Free

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  • How could you not? By Turf on 4/9/2015

    This is awesome... absolute must have and saves me alot of back/leg achs the next day. Virtually no effort.

    Negative, as with all scrapers be careful around the corners.
  • the BEST By Miesenjr on 3/12/2015

    Have not been able to get the coralline algae off the bottom glass of my 180 for YEARS. have tried every other magnet scraper, scrapers on handles... My tank is 30"+ deep and bow front and more than 3/4" thick glass. this got it off in 1 minuet flat. Was nice since I already had multiple magnate sets that did not work to glue it too.
  • Affordable scrapper By Luis on 12/31/2014

    If you are in the market in upgrading your scrapper, don't do it. Simply buy this product so you can glue it on your existing algae scrapper and it will work the same as the other brands. My only advice is to purchase additional blades and DO NOT leave the scrapper in the tank. THE BLADE WILL RUST! so please keep that on mind. I have a bowfront tank and the product works as advertise!
  • Awesome! By Clayton on 12/30/2014

    Superglued to my old medium mag float in minutes and scrapes flawlessly! Worth every penny!
  • simple and effective By Bob on 12/16/2014

    This scrapper works as advertised. It was a simple process to glue to my mag float and really worked well on the previous stubborn areas of coraline.
  • AMAZING! By Jmranslow on 12/5/2014

    Glides right through even the toughest algea. No more wet arms in the tank.
  • It completes me By Turf on 8/18/2014

    I can not imagine ever having a tank without this. It cleans the toughest of the tough without a problem.
  • Where have you been... By Rodney on 5/26/2014

    This is a great little product that I wish I would have created. This scraper, once added to my mag-float, made easy works of the stubborn algae.
  • works great By anaconda on 4/24/2014

    I love this thing. I wish I had found it years ago. scrapes of hard algae
    easily . no more razor blade and arms in the tank.
  • Perfect for Glass By Jason on 2/6/2014

    If you have a glass tank this piece is amazing. You do need a mag float or algae free cleaner, but once installed its a great scraper I use it to remove the coraline algae from my glass and keeps my tank looking clear.

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