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Octopus Large Reef Sump
with Built-In Filter Sock

SKU: 205602

  • I like it - wish the walls were thicker By Brad on 3/2/2011

    I bought this as the sump for my 180 gallon tank. It's a good size - mine is actually larger than the stated dimensions. It's 36" long but closer to 18x18. The walls are not quite 1/4 thick and even with only 8" of water they are bowing out. Not a big deal with a sump but I would like it if they were 3/8". The plate that holds the return fittings is WAY too thin as well. I replaced mine with a scrap piece of 1/2" acrylic and it functions much better. The 1/8" piece that came with it quickly bowed and would not stay in place and kept falling down on top of the filter socks. Another good thing is it comes with schedule 80 fittings. Also know that the fittings are 1-1/4" so you have to get a reducer to fit your standard flex tube lines. Overall I think it's a good product for the money - but I would have paid a bit more for heavier material. I also like the fact that it is not over done with a bunch of dividers - leaves lots of options open for customizing and adding bulkhead fittings where needed.

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