ReefKeeper NET Internet Module - Digital Aquatics

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ReefKeeper NET Internet Module - Digital Aquatics

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  • Nice, but... By Aquanut59 on 12/5/2014

    I agree with the other reviewers in that at this price point I expected more. It should have wifi capability and accessibility from outside of your home I.e. Dlink security cameras via mydlink cloud. I have dlink wifi cameras in my home that cost <$40 that I can acces from anywhere to view my aquariums. Why does this cost so much and offer so little? Don't get me wrong, I like it. I just think the unit and pricing are years old. Setup a cloud account for users to access from anywhere. I think they are missing the boat. With lower pricing their sales volume would increase. More people with these in their homes = more sales through exposure.
  • Works By Joe on 1/29/2014

    The NET module serves a purpose and does it pretty well. I don't have any complaints with the units ability to send emails, and allow me to monitor my system from my computer. I just feel that the base unit should include this functionality these days, and I should be able to update my system and make changes remotely as well and none of those features are available. For me its valuable to know when there is a potential problem while Im traveling but don't count on it doing much more.
  • Lacking a little something... By Chad on 12/4/2012

    Adding wireless capabilities to this module would truely make it indespensible, AND up to date. Not everybody has their aquarium located in the vacinity of their router, and I suspect most people would find it undesirable to rout a cable through their house or undernieth their subfloor.
  • Great Product By Derrick on 7/7/2012

    I bought one of these units so I can see my tank information while away and also monitor everything from my iPhone. It really does work well if you are good with computers. I think it took me a little while to figure out the RSS feeds and make my iPhone app work with it. The customer service and forums are really helpful. I would recommend for people that need to see info on the go. Otherwise I would not bother having one. I guess since my unit is in a closet it is nice to see the tanks info when in another room of the house without having to go into the closet on the opposite side of my house.
  • Expensive fix to keep up with the Apex By Jason on 3/2/2012

    Flat out this functionality should be included in the Reefkeeper System. It's a $119 module that adds capabilities that should be included out of the box. That's a reasonable price for 1999, not 2012!
  • get it to begin with! By jeffrey on 10/4/2011

    great and usful attachment for RKE
  • Great addition By Ralph on 7/13/2011

    This addition to the my RKE made the system that much better. Now i can just log into the computer to see whats going on. Alot easier than looking at the little display.
  • Does more than I expected By Jonathan on 6/12/2011

    I just thought I would be able to monitor my tank from my computer but this thing sends me emails if theres a problem!
  • A must have item for the serious reefer By Harry on 2/26/2011

    I you have a ReefKeeper system this is something you really want to get. I have mine setup to send me a text message if I have an alarm so I know something needs attention now not waiting until I get home to find out. It also lets me check up on things when I'm not home for peace of mind. For me it is a must have item for the serious reefer.

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