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ReefKeeper SL1 pH and ORP Module - Digital Aquatics

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ReefKeeper SL1 pH and ORP Module - Digital Aquatics

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  • Digital Aquatics stuff works ok By lmay2024 on 1/9/2015

    I had no problems with the unit I received from BRS. I've had my reef keeper Elite for about 3 years and have had no major problems with it.
  • unpredictable causes instability By saltlick on 12/11/2014

    had this for several years. I also have the SL2 which has worked fine so far. Problems: frequent false Ph alarms when MH turn off, every time I plug in the SID V2, and randomly. calibration is 2 point and inaccurate (good enough for trends which is all we need). Unrelated channel 4 relay outlet cycles randomly for hours at ~1 sec interval until I unplug the SL1
  • don't buy from bulk reef supply and digital aquatics product. By jose on 10/3/2014

    Purchased a rke few months ago from bulk reef supply and they sent me a broken pc4. Next thing i ordered is sl1 not to my surprise it's broken too. I appreciate brs sent me a replacement but the time I' spent waiting only to find out that item is not working is frustating. I hope brs test their products first before they sent it out for the consumer. Brs might delete this review but I'm just saying what's my experience with this company.
  • don't buy from bulk reef supply and rke By pogi on 10/2/2014

    I ordered rke few months ago and received a broken pc4. Atleast they sent another one. Another thing I ordered is a sl1. Of course received a broken item again. I appreciate that they replace it. But the time I spent on waiting my item and found out that is not working is frustating and brs representative wont sent a new one asap until they received the one they sent me.I hope that they check their products first before they sent it out. Don't waste consumers time pls.
  • DA products are really bad, just check their FB or any reviews and you see what customer go through By DomDom on 11/22/2012

    i finally took the step of selling my RKE and my SL2 with all the probs i had, and got myself Neptune, and let me tell you all it was the best thing i have ever done since i got my first salt water tank. no more false promises and lies. i know chances of this post staying is almost none so i hope people read it before DA removes it:)
  • needed for ATO, By richard on 8/27/2011

    great product but i did not realize until after purchasing the basic reef keeper that i need this for an auto top off. Easy to set up and program this module with the reef keeper and works as advertised.
  • Great By cjermont@yahoo.com on 12/8/2010

    I love this Device! I use it to control everything. The ph is right on I don't use the ORP as it's not need for my saltwater tank, but I use the switch port for my ATO and love it. I use the second port for an ATO tank so the pump doesn't run dry.
  • Base Module, Must for temp monitoring! By Patrick on 8/3/2010

    So, this is the base module that comes with most, if not all of the RKE packs, it's a bread and butter module for it's ability to do temp monitoring and control switched circuits. All in all, a well built, and stable module.

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