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ReefKeeper Lite Basic - Digital Aquatics
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  • ReefKeeper Lite Basic - Digital Aquatics
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ReefKeeper Lite Basic - Digital Aquatics

SKU: 205500

  • Defective PC4 By Nick on 11/9/2014

    Just powered up my controller and the PC4 reads 11.2 amps with nothing plugged in or turned on. It was this way from the start. Looks like a got a defective PC4. I suspect one of the drivers for channel 2 or 3 is blown. Bummer!!!!! I hope this does not turn into a nightmare.
  • Good product but should have bought Apex By Richard on 9/5/2014

    Just installed the Reefkeeper and, while it is a good product, I already regret not getting the Apex instead. Had I not already unboxed it, I would return it and upgrade to Apex.

    Documentation is lacking and software is a .ZIP file. Who uses .ZIP anymore?

    For not much more money I could have gotten into the much more versatile Apex system. Like I said, it works as advertised so I'll make the best of it.
  • the second time's the charm By tmann51 on 6/19/2014

    This is the 2nd Digital Aquatics Reef Keeper Lite I've purchased. The first one is a few years old, this time, I needed the ALC rather than the SL1 so I ordered the basic model. I use the ALC to ramp and control the intensity/color of my new Kessil fixures. I took the liberty to call DA tech support to help with the lighting program, they were very helpful.
    I also set control of my heater via the temp probe. I will eventually use it to dose 2 part.
  • Solid By MikeL152123 on 5/30/2014

    This is my first controller and I must say I am pretty happy with it. I am currently only using it to control my heater but will be adding a fan this week that will also run off the temp. probe. Overall it was easy to program and navigate through the menus. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an affordable way to run their tank.
  • Works Great By James on 4/26/2014

    Bought this to use on my 40b set up. Have had no issues with several different modes tested and used. Mainly running lights and a heater but tested the wave maker function with two koralia 1500's and had no issues. Great entry level controller with good expandability.
  • Good controller with some quirks By Greg on 4/12/2014

    Overall it is a pretty solid controller that lets you go from pretty basic monitoring/control to pretty advances. If you're anything like me that can be a bit dangerous since you just keep on adding things on.

    I have seen some weird behavior from the controller which is always solved by disconnecting the head unit and plugging it back in. Never it seen it affect the components controlled in a negative way, but does make me worry a bit about relying on it too much to automate / detect when things go wrong.

    On the plus side my experiences with customer service have been great!
  • Good for the price By Todd on 3/5/2014

    I purchased this mainly to be able to control my lights and heater. I needed to save space in a small cabinet under the DT and this worked great. I wish i could give a 4.5 star rating instead of 5 due to a couple of issues. One is that the iTemp controller has to use a bus port. So to use the myReef software you need to unplug this. I've learned since to do some of the programming features through the head unit but i prefer the more intuitive windows interface. Unplugging the iTemp probe to do this gets annoying fast. If they'd just put an additional bus plug on the head unit this would be solved. I hope the lack of this wasn't to get people to buy the bus unit or the net module.

    Another annoying feature was setting up the heater. Setting the heater up as a "heater" didn't allow me to use the hysteresis feature so once the heater hit the target temp it turned on/off constantly. Through online searching i learned that i should set the heater up as a "controller". Once i did this i was able to use the hysteresis feature and it now is working properly.

    For the price i'm happy i chose this controller to run my tank. I did buy an extra PC4 module with my original purchase and later added the MLC. If DA would make just a few minor improvements, this entry level controller would be a no brainer purchase.

  • Easy as it gets By Jason on 2/7/2014

    I've been ReefKeepers for years and I love them. I have one on each tank and have never had an issue. They work for lighting, dosing, wave making, temp control and so much more. Sure, it doesn't connect to the web right out of the box but... who really NEEDS that? The ReefKeeper, to me, is all about simplicity and reliability. It also costs less than buying separate dosing equipment and a bunch of timers. Can't go wrong with it!
  • a little cumbersome By Michael on 2/1/2014

    I received this product for christmas. The setup was a little awkward. Having to hook up the system to the computer was harder than it should be. I had to update the same module multiple times to get it up to date. The heater setting does not wotk correctly. I tried 3 different variations to get it to work without success. Its nice to be able to turn on and of outlets without opening the cabnet. The heater setup is really frustrating other than that I am happy
  • Garbage By David on 1/22/2014

    PC4 keeps 'rebooting', wont run two heaters at the same time even tho they are well under the amp rating of each socket.

    So disappointed with this item. Will never by Digital Aquatics again.

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