Marineland Maxi-Jet Powerhead 400

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Marineland Maxi-Jet Powerhead 400

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  • Great pump By on 6/9/2015

    All around great pump, a lot of attachments wich gives you a lot of options of use from one product just wish there was a way to adjust flow a little bit
  • Cheap storage container pump By on 2/17/2015

    I bought this to move water in my storage containers. The product works. The only issue I had was during a quick power cycle, the pump froze. I recycled the power, a quick tap on the pump and I haven't had an issue since.
  • Great Pump By on 8/22/2014

    Use it to mix my salt water for my water changes works great and it quiet as well
  • Cheap, powerful, noisy By on 11/8/2013

    Yes, this multi-function pump is cheap, and powerful, and stingy on wattage, but it's also very noisy. The first week was great, then the incessant rattling began. No method of taking it apart, rinsing it, cleaning, it putting it back together several times corrects this issue. Spend a little more and buy a different pump if QUIET is what you need.
  • Silent and affordable By on 4/1/2013

    I use this pump for mixing saltwater and it is near silent! It also comes with a handful of accessories to use it for a variety of things. You just can't beat the price.
  • Great for little Jobs By on 12/19/2012

    I have been using the Maxi-jet 400 for a lot of my little jobs and it works great. I use it to mix salt and for my water changes and for adding more circulation to my 30g tank to keep wast off the bottle of my tank
  • good little pump By on 5/25/2012

    I have a few of these because they are so inexpensive. One is for vacuuming the bottom of my sump. One runs a GFO reactor that is level with my sump (no head pressure). The third is set up in powerhead mode for mixing salt water. They are a bit noisy, but very reliable.
  • Reliable and time tested pumps By on 4/30/2012

    These pumps are great for mixing saltwater or for a new reefer.
  • good pump By on 3/15/2012

    i like this pump a lot! i use it in circulation mode for my 29 gallon reef tank. all the accessories are great. my only complaint is the suction cups. they dont stick very well. every week or so i have to re-stick them to the glass. overall, great pump for the money
  • Great little pump By on 2/12/2012

    Using this on a media reactor where I didn't want a ton of flow and it works great. Wish there was an intake filter sponge or something to prevent the gunk from being sucked in, otherwise, happy with it.